I was Attacked in an Elevator

by Syed

I went to the hospital with my 6 years old daughter for her broken elbow. We get into the Elevator and light gets off..
Oh god, i was dying in seconds, my heart beat accelerated and my body got dizzy in moments...i suddenly picked up the phone to talk with operator. he told me it will be functional in next few seconds but i was still going to die. in next few seconds lift started again, we got out on level 5. I was wondering when we got out from the lift because i was totally ok in next 5 seconds.

Same happened with me when i trapped in a rest room once....the door was actually locked by a guard who didn't know i was in there.
I was OK but when i just opened the door and felt it was LOCKED from outside... i was sweating in next moment and my heart beat was accelerating, i was near to fall down when i started to knock the door (actually i was trying to break this glass door). Guard came there and open the lock for me .....I WAS OK IN NEXT 5 SECONDS....even guard didn't notice i was dying before a moment.

Again i was under attack when i was sitting my office late night, guard locked the door as he didn't know i was sitting in late hours...
Remember My fear starts/ triggered when i got to know DOOR IS LOCKED FROM OUTSIDE ..... i tried to broke window glass but then again i just dial operators number and told him i was trapped in office, guard came and ( AGAIN I WAS LUCKY) opened the door.

i did't even know then I HAD PHOBIA .... i then talked to a doctor and he advised me to consult some specialist... I started to search for my conditions and finally got material by google about my problem.... now I am doing self exercises and going to doctor very soon to help me.

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