I used to be extremely paranoid.

by Rachel Marie
(Louisiana )

Whenever I say extreme I mean extreme. I'd sleep with my light on, and could only fall asleep when I couldn't stay awake longer usually I'd go to sleep at 5, or 4 in the morning. every time I closed my eyes I just had this fear that someone was staring at me, and I always feared that in the dark corners or beneath the tables in my room or anywhere there was something out to get me. I could no sleep alone. I've also with my mom numerous times, and even with her I still didn't feel totally safe ( btw I'm a 16 yr old girl..) but, a television always helped, and when it was on a happy show or a funny one that helped. My imagination tried to get the best of me, I pictured and saw horrific things. The way I managed to defeat it was by turning it into something funny. Say if it was an evil clown with a knife is imaging him slipping and then getting sad and walk away. Or if I was a demon, or monster I'd imagine them In a silly hat or outfit or them getting afraid of a small spider. It sounds stupid but it helped. Another thing is you have to face your fears there was one night I had to sleep alone with no tv or anyting and I was so scared. But I did it. Now although I don't prefer it, I sleep alone all the time I still feel safer when someone's with me like my sister but I can do it now. If I can do it you can. Another thing though is having someone to help you with it, and someone you can talk to it about. I didn't have anyone and that's what made mine so bad. If anyone needs someone to talk to that will understand my emails rachel.price324 at yahoo.com
It does get better.

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