I uesd to be unrealisticly scared of spiders but started to get over it.

I used to have a terrible fear of spiders ever since I was little. Every time I saw one I would have to leave the room to get someone to kill it for me. I used to not be able to even handle seeing a spider, real or fake, on tv or hear about them in a book. I couldn't even stand songs about spiders. Worse of all, especially when I was a kid, I couldn't stand the song "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Every time I would hear it I would get goosebumps and would have to put my fingers in my ears until it was over. This was quite annoying when I was in Pre-School and Kidnergarten. I hated this song so much. It gave me the creeps. Apparently, according to my parents, It was my favorite song when I was like 3 but I have a vauge memory of seeing the ending of what I now know was the 50's movie "The Fly" when the half human half fly is about to be eaten by a spider and is screaming for help. So I figure that at that time I probbley associated spiders with the song "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and so I developed a fear for that song and spiders in general.
When I got older I realized that this is ridiculous and I should try to get over it. It was around my middle school years that I started trying to get used to spiders. I decided that since I couldn't even stand "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" that I would start their. I tried to sing it but i couldn't even get the words out cause it gave me the chills. So I went on youtube and decided I would try listening to it. At first I had to turn the volume off cause I couldn't even stand listening to it. Eventually I was able to listen to it on really low volume for a couple seconds before it started to bother me again. Eventually I was able to listen to the whole thing. I started to not get so bad of goosebumps. I still couldn't sing it without getting chills. I could start doing the hand motions a little bit but I still couldn't sing it. Eventually I listened to it enough that it didn't bother me really at all and I could sing it. I began to not mind it at all.
After a while I decided to try looking at real spiders. At first they still bothered me, but after a while i could look at them. I would play the song on youtube to help calm my nerves. Eventually I could watch a spider spin a web or crawl on the floor without being scared or get the willies. Eventually I decided that I would try holding one in my hand. So I tried that. At first I was to nervous to even hold it for more then a second without jumping and dropping it. I started on really, really, small spiders of course. Eventually I could hold it, but I would have to wear gloves cause I was still afraid of them biting me. Even then I still shacked a little bit. Again I started listening to that song and that helped calm my nerves a little. That song made me think. "Spiders are just Itsy Bitsy little animals that don't really mean me harm."
Eventually I started being able to let small spiders crawl on my bare hands and even on my arms. I started to get less and less afraid. Now spiders hardly bother me at all. I still puke if I see a spider eating a bug, and when they come out of no where really fast it still makes me jump. Besides that though I actually like spiders now. I think their kinda neat to watch and some are even, dare I say it, a little cute. It's kinda funny that the thing that I hated and was scared of as much as spiders them selves was what helped me get over my fear and actually like them. I actually like the song "Itsy Bitsy Spider" now because it has meaning to me. The song that I hated as a kid was what helped me see spiders as innocent, harmless, creatures. I actually like singing it now cause it has helped me and now it's just a silly fun song. If I'm ever freaked out by spider a little bit I just start to sing that song, or at least hum it, and it makes the spider not so scary. It may be a silly way to get over my fear, but it worked.

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