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I suffer too..
by: Rayni

I suffer thanataphobia too, as well as the fear of anything that might lead me to death.

Its irational, i know, and it sucks.

Im 17 and dont sleep too well, im scared of car rides, airplanes, rollercoasters, the apocolypse, the dark... yu know? weather...

I suppose we just ahve to live our lives because when it happens... it happens.

live now, worry later
by: Kerry

I think everyone suffers this fear at some time. and who can prove what is waiting for us?

but it is a bit like worrying about old age - worrying doesn't stop you from going old, it just makes you feel miserable while you are still young!

Thanatophobia doesnt change anything after death - it just makes life miserable while you are still alive!
Ask God to calm your fears.

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