I suffer from sclerophobia or fear of sneaky or bad guys

by Raúl
(Madre Perla Dorado,Puerto Rico,)

O.K.My name is Raúl,from Puerto Rico.I suffer from acute sclerophobia or fear of robbers,crooks or criminals(bad guys),because I see too often on T.V.bad guys robbing,assaulting and murdering victims and store clerks,and I see too often a lot of stories in Puerto Rico,when the victims refused to be victims of robbers,then the robbers beat or shoot the victims,and most of the victims are dead because the victims decided to fight back,armed or unarmed.

So I am very seriously afraid of being shot or beaten to death by bad guys,even if I don't take a risk to fight back,because most of the robbers are sneaky,mean and vicious.

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