I suffer from Orgaphobia

Ever since I was eleven, I have been afraid of attending orgies. I used to go to them all the time in my elementary school days. I usually brought the snacks for afterwards, which were animal crackers and honeycomb cereal. Sometimes I brought the costumes for when we role played.

People always invited me because I have a huge dragon suit. But, now, whenever I get outside my teacher's house to attend the orgy, I can't gather enough bravery to walk inside and go to work.

It is my understanding that a large percent of people that live in Wyoming have this fear. I live in Moberly, MO, and there are orgies almost every weekend. For two years I haven't been able to go to one.

Last week I watched the movie "Trailer Park of Terror" and miraculously after watching that movie, I now have no fear in attending orgies.

Now I just want to tell everyone that suffer from Orgaphobia, there is hope and even a solution. I believe in YOU!!!

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