I suffer from Ichthyophobia, fear of fish

by Hannah

I suffer from Ichthyophobia which is a fear of fish. They freak me out!! I live in the mountains and all that my friends and family like to do is swim, boat, and camp. ALL OF WHICH INCLUDE FISH. I have been teased most of my life for my reaction towards fish. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety! They are gross, meaningless creatures with the look of death in their eye! No joke, dead or alive, they all look the same!

When I was younger, around 5, my older sister and her friend took me out on the lake in a giant inner tube while my Dad was fishing. It was one of those tubes with the netting over the bottom so we could sit on top of it when we flipped it over. We were far into the water and the girls acted like they got pulled in by "something". They hid underneath the net in the opening of the tube for what seemed like forever! I screamed and cried while peering into the merky gray water, which I was convinced was my sister's grave. Just when I was sure they were dead they flipped the tube over, causing me to fall in the water...my sister grabed me by my legs (at this point I thought I was going to be eaten by a nasty sea monster) and threw me back onto the tube!! I had the worst panick attack of my life! I really thought that some creature had snatched us all up! I never really got over the whole thing, I was only 5!

I used to feel afraid of lake water, but my Ichthyophobia has become clear now that every aspect of fish, crustasions, tuna, even tuna cans freak me out! I think it might be a mix of the unknown as well as fish after what my sister did... Haha, thanks sis, you really did a number on me!!

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