I suffer from fear of vomiting

by Marta
(Calgary Alberta Canada)

Hi im a 19 year old girl and all my life live suffered from fear of vomiting. Every time i saw or heard anyone vomit id shake and get scared and i wouldn’t feel so good. I cant stand seeing anyone puke next to me or im scared of puking myself.

I don’t know how to help it every time i think its a natural thing i feel better but the thing doesn’t go away. Many days my stomach prickles like it did when i got food poisoning and every time that happens i think im going to get sick right away.

I’m so scared of throwing up in public that sometimes i don’t leave the house cause it scares me to much i hardly eat cause i don’t have an appetite for food. And everyday i have this thing where i have the burp excessively to get rid of the nauseous feelings i have.

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