Comments for I suffer from Arachibutyrophobia (Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth).

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Americans are big pussies
by: Anonymous

Yes, we do have peanut butter in my country before you say something stupid and no, i have not ever in my whole life heard of so many "phobias" until i came to this country. Fear of pb sticking to your palate? Give me a fucking break! Just add that to the list of problems of the First World countries.

by: Anonymous

You could also try crunchy peanut butter

Oh my gosh!
by: Anonymous

Oh wow! When I found Arachibutyrophobia in my agenda under 'Wacky Words', I thought it was just a joke!

I wish you were a little more descriptive about it. I am very curious.

little bit
by: hope

if you only eat a little bit, then you know what? its okay if some sticks because your tongue is powerful enough to remove it. remember to remain calm if it happens.
these all sound like pretty good ideas as well, especially the milk (helps me!) and peanut butter face-down too

helpful hint
by: Anonymous

you could always try some candy that have very little peanut butter in it so you can get the taste of it without having to get the actual feeling of it stuck!

by: Anonymous

take a big swig of milk before you take a bite

by: Anonymous

eat frozen peanut butter

Cure your phobia!!!
by: PBluvr

My suggestion is that you make a pb and j sandwich and keep it bread side up. It always helps me to keep the peanut butter away from my palate. Even a layer of banana can help avoid peanut butter-throat friction. Also, having a large glass of milk nearby to wash it down incase of accidental peanut butter contact is a good idea.

P.S. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups work wonders for quenching the thirst without the convultions.

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