i sleep like im in a coffin

by Jenna
(Ventura , CA)

alright, well im a teenager(16) my name is jenna and through the time of my life i have been having this weird phobia type thing, and im pretty shure this will continue. but i make shure i am fully covered with thick blankets completly ontop of me even over my head, face, and well my whole body! exept i leave a little tiny tiny opening so i can get air ... its like im sleeping in a coffin or something. anyways what my brain thinks about it is that if i am fully covered where no-one can see me then burgelers or anything bad or negative cant get me or attack me. i even put 3-4 pillows over my head so if supposed "burgelers" or "negativity" come in it will look like its just a cluster of blankets and a pillow, like a normal bed would look if someone didnt make their bed. all my friends and even my mother think its crazy :P but im perfectly fine with it haha. my mother somtimes worries that i dont get air but the way i put my blankets and pillows go like this:

i will be getting ready for bede and i will put a comfeter and a sheet over my whole body and face, i also tuck in my feet as if i were in a sleeping bag, anyways i would also put 2 pillows over my face as well, exept i would turn my face to the side(if i ameither on my back or on my stomach) and i would nuzzle a small little opening just enough for my mouth, but where i cant see out of my blankets and pillows. so in essence if i cant see it ,it cant see me haha and thats my weird phobia :)

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