I have two phobias! Coulrophobia and Brontophobia

by Maya

I've had them both for years now. I dont know how my Brontophobia started but i always get creeped out and at home i curl up in a ball when i hear thunder and if i hear it at school i try to hide but people say that they can still tell has I still wince when i hear it. I quess my Coulrophobia grew over the years. When i was young I used to love clowns and find them hilarious. Then about a year later I was watched an episode of sarah janes adventures with odbod the clown who kidnapped children. That must have started. The phobia began to grow. At first I would only wince when i saw one in real life. Then i coiuldn't even look at pictures. Now when I see one in real life i scream which was a pain when i went to the hell fire caves and there were clowns there and i freaked. I've still got them which is embarrassing sometimes.

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