i have three phobias.

by Mia

I have a mild case of agoraphobia or xenophobia( I really don't like a lot of people or crowds) my husband finds my fear of crowds funny. I also have a fear of open interior doors..especially closet doors. When I was younger I had absolutely. No fears of that sort just the standard dark and heights and UFOs/ monsters under the bed. Never was there a fear of the closet till I got older.and then shortly there after I can't sleep till every door inside is closed especially closet doors. I also have to make sure that both exterior doors are securely locked. I love going outside I don't mind open spaces I just hate crowds of people they make me nervous and I get very emotional in a crowd and I have a tendency for a violent outburst if I can't be removed from that situation. I don't know why but I just remembered that I also have a fear of be beheaded or decapitated. And a fear of car crashes and drowning. So I have more than three phobias... and yet I can still function. Why?

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