I have this fear of cats. Cats are Evil

by Letty Molitor
(Palm Springs, CA)

I work in an office where there is always a cat around. My co-workers like having the cat around. They feed it, named it, and gave it a bed.

I can't walk down the hallway without scanning first to see if "Morris" is around. Sometimes when someone opens the door to my office the cat follows and as soon as I see it, I jump out of my chair and try to scare it away. My heart starts beating fast and I become very angry when this happens.

Not only do I have this fear of cats but I am also allergic to them. It began at a very young age. I don't remember ever having a bad experience with cats so I am positive is it just a phobia.

I really wish they would just get rid of this cat. Just find it a nice home. It makes it really difficult for me to work comfortably knowing that a cat could be lurking around my desk or jump up at me.

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