I have the fear of vomit

by Eve

Hey, My name is Eve and i have the fear of vomit, or someone being sick around me.
It started when i was in my maths class and there had been a stomach bug going round. The table where i sit was covered in blue tissue paper, and when i asked why my teacher paused. He told me someone had been sick there, and that was alright... It made me feel a little sick, but not much. So i sat next to my friend Dan.
He was pale all day and in maths he looked even more ill. when my teacher asked him if he was ok he just suddenly puked everywhere... On the table, on the floor, on his book....... On me. The worst part was, that mr Hank made me take him down to matron's office, and on the way he was sick again. Matron's room was full with people who had all come down with the stomach bug and even i started to feel a little sick... I felt like if i opened my mouth I'd puke but i had to somehow ask for the toilet key to be sick in there... so i took my chances, and ended up puking all over the floor.

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