I have suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia

by anna
(burton on trent)

hi, I have suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia and mental health problems for nine years. I have tried so many different medications but always get the panic attacks again after a few days.

I have also been in counselling but still get no better. No one knows what started it but i have a bad history at 17 i fell pregnant and myself and partner were over the moon. When i went for my first scan we were involved in an rta killing my partner and seriously hurting me and my mum. the baby survived and is now a young healthy lady.

After the crash i went on to 2 marriages the second one being very violent in between all this my mum died and i had more children. I moved away from my hometown and have finally settled down.

But the panic haunts me everyday I cant do things with my children or partner as i am scared to go out and negative and paranoid thoughts are always in my head. I don’t like where i live and want to go back home but because of my illness cannot do so.

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