I have social phobia

by Ankita
(Sambalpur, orissa, India)

Hi everyone. When i read about phobic symptoms i found that i have social phobia. Every time i have to meet with new people i have lots of fear thinking how he/she will treat me. Every time i go to a social function or get together i am afraid of being isolated. I feel no one will talk to me, no one will bother my presence. All the people have their own group and i will remain alone. Even when i think of doing a job i am afraid of the new circumstances. How i will meet with new people,how will i eat alone in the new canteen, how i will behave in a completely new place. Even i am very much afraid of going to a new place alone when i don't know the direction. I am afraid of using the lift, the basin in toilet if i don't know how to operate them and feel that other people will laugh at me. There are so many things in which i feel awkward and afraid.there are only a countable number of people with whom i feel comfortable. But otherwise i avoid going parties just because of the fear that no one will give me importance and my presence does not matter. Sometimes it happens also which renders down my self respect, self esteem. This increases my social phobia. I don't know how to deal with it. In fact today itself i knew that it has got the name "Social Phobia". Really is there any way which can help me? Because this disorder is making my life hell.

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