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Absolutely terrible
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I'm not the only one like this. I'm 19, and have hated feet for as long as I can remember. My own are okay, for the most part, as I can interact with them for putting on shoes or keeping up personal hygiene. Other people's feet, however, are disgusting. I can't stand to look at them. I'm fine if they have shoes on, and somewhat okay with socks, but bare feet or sandals/flip flops make me gag, hyperventilate, and panic (depending on proximity)

Feeling ashamed
by: Anonymous

I don't like other people's feet. I don't want to see them. I am amazed at how society in general seems to think nothing about wearing open toed shoes, flip flops, or going barefooted.
I also get very embarrassed about my own feet. I don't want other people to see them without shoes on. If I wear open toed shoes, they have to be specific types that distract from certain parts of the foot.
I feel uncomfortable when the subject of feet comes up in a conversation.
I think it started because my poor Mom's feet were really bad and she still went barefoot or wore open toed shoes most of the time. I have a fear that one day my feet will look like hers.
Feet with socks don't bother me and I am quite comfortable to wear just socks around other people. I really don't like toes and the bottom of a foot but I can't stop staring.

I also have podophobia
by: Anonymous

I also have podophobia, and hate it when my feet are touched and when I see or touch other feet. I get really grossed out and nervous. However, I am nervous that if I tell my friends, they will make fun of me.

Bare feet phobia
by: Anonymous

I am glad to know there are others like myself on feet. I am not proud of my own feet but they are perfectly OK and I need them. I am OK with socked feet or feet in shoes. But bare feet just gross me out. No one should touch my feet, not even my closest ones. People in sandals or slippers just freak me out and I always get very upset in sight of sandals or sandal- like shoes in display as I automatically connect it with bare feet. It is not a common phobia here in China, and people never take such phobia of mine seriously.

by: Anonymous

feet gross me out. My own feet, i can touch but i still think they are gross when i look at them. I can not stand to look at people if they are not wearing shoes or socks. it is only bare feet though, and if someone touches me with their feet or touch my feet, i almost cry and feel like i am going to vomit, and i start to feel out of breath. If people are wearing flip flops or sandals i get grossed out, but not quite as much because i know they can't touch me with their feet as easily. I try not to tell people about my fear, as they are often mean and try to touch me with their feet afterwards. I am constantly asking people to put on socks if they are at my house, and i have a hard time swimming and at other places like that. i am 12 and my parents think i do it for attention but i don't even know what my fear is called and i am genuinely afraid and grossed out but feet and i don't know what has caused it or when it started but i cant help it and i don't know how to fix it because my parents wont take me to get help anywhere because they don't believe me.

Peaole are stupid
by: khalta

I have the same symptoms, I can't have bare feet touching me or seeing people rubbing there own feet.. it's just disgusting. I live in a Muslim world and I am Muslim too... Going to mosque and find people touching there own feet.. i lose focus and don't even pray, i start swearing in my head.

Feet with shoe on are not a problem.. but bare or with socks are gross.

Feet are made to walk on them, not to hug them or lick them or touch them.. needless to speak about rubbing them.

I don't care for other people and anyone tries to tease me with feet.. I am ready to lose that person for good.. even my daughters or parents.. I DON'T FU..ING Care... PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID AND I LIKE THE IDEA OF ME HATING FEET.. THEY ARE NOT MADE TO BE FOND OFF.

Feet Podophobia
by: Anonymous

Everytime I wear shoes that are not open-toed I have to wash my feet with soap. It will gross me out if I have been going barefoot all day in my house & lay down in my clean bed with nasty, dirty feet. So when im in my house I wear flip flops so I can easily wash the flip flops when I go to wash my feet.

by: Anonymous

How can you even exist in society--especially during warm weather months? What about going swimming; having fun at the water park; chilling in the hot tub on a cold winter night; taking your snowboard boots off in the lodge and relaxing with a hot drink after a day on the mountain; having friends over to watch football games or movies or play poker---that's supposed to be something relaxing where you take your shoes off and get comfortable. I honestly don't understand how people with this phobia can survive unless they're hermits.

My little brother is only afraid of my feet
by: Concerned older sister

Hi ,
My little brother lets call him Carl is afraid of my feet but only mine he's perfectly fine to looking or touching my little lets call her Kelly , he's just fine with that but when It comes to mine he just , well he doesn't cry or hyperventilate or anything like that he just screams ( he's 9yrs old so doesn't scream scream but like yelps or something ) and runs and I don't put my feet on him but Kelly (10 yrs old) thinks its hilarious to touch my feet whenever she can and chase him .
I was wondering if there's any easy way to help because I checked google and found one that said to look at feet from a distance than touch one to get over it , but , he refuses to even look at it I'm not trying to force it in him I'm just wondering if its normal or anything ... Remember it's only MY feet he's afraid of . " Lilly "

My little brother is only afraid of my feet
by: Concerned older sister

Hi ,
My little brother lets call him Carl is afraid of my feet but only mine he's perfectly fine to looking or touching my little lets call her Kelly , he's just fine with that but when It comes to mine he just , well he doesn't cry or hyperventilate or anything like that he just screams ( he's 9yrs old so doesn't scream scream but like yelps or something ) and runs and I don't put my feet on him but Kelly (10 yrs old) thinks its hilarious to touch my feet whenever she can and chase him .
I was wondering if there's any easy way to help because I checked google and found one that said to look at feet from a distance than touch one to get over it , but , he refuses to even look at it I'm not trying to force it in him I'm just wondering if its normal or anything ... Remember it's only MY feet he's afraid of .

Human Body In General Is Disgusting
by: EyeLikeDogs

I am creeped-out by the human body in general (I'm a middle-aged male)- but clod-hoppers [feet...ewww] have to be the second worst parts- second only to the privates! And yet, I can find the feet of certain young, attractive women to be erotic and beautiful. But in general, feet disgust me more than just about anything. When I was a kid, I had to stop being friends with this one guy, because he had the audacity to wear SANDALS! [Men should NOT wear sandals!]- I would never wear sandals, as I try to give other people the same consideration I would like from them. [I'm physically fit, and considered quite attractive- but I do try and dress in a manner that does not reveal too much, and which accentuates and enhances the human body]. I HATE going to public places like Walmart in the warm weather- as you always see so many cretins [including old people; obese tubs; ugly women; men...] with big fugly feet, wearing thongs and flip-flops! Seriously, people should have more respect for themselves and others, and NOT go around 90% naked in public![shudder!]

Absolutely disgusting
by: Hanna

I hate feet. My parents don't take me seriously and when I try to explain to them, they just laugh. I don't mind other people giving me pedicures or massaging my feet, but if someone tickles me I literally flip out. And like one of my "friends" had athletes foot once and she kept on like itching her toes and stuff and it was GUHROOSS and ever since then I have been mortified by them. I don't mind showing my own feet because I take really good care of them. But everyone thinks I do it for attention. But seriously I don't I am freaked by feet.

Percy Ross
by: Anonymous

I was always afraid that i was the only person afraid of feet. I cannot tell you guys how glad I am to find this site. Feet just gross me out. I don't have it as bad as some people on here, like I'm fine with feet ad long as there is covered socks or shoes over them. In fact, I find socked feet fairly appealing. Its just bare feet I have a huge problem with. And like a few comments I've read on here, I have this uncontrollable thing where when I do see someone with bare feet I just cannot stop staring at the disgusting things. And is terrible because they make me so disgusted I can't keep the disgust of my face when I do stare and I don't want the person feeling bad when they catch me looking at them like they are ugly or something. I think my phobia started when I was fairly young. My younger sister had this god awful habit of sticking her bare feet in peoples faces and saying "smell my feet!" And the time when I woke up late at night or early morning and turned on the TV (I must've been between 4-6) and it was this stupid b movie and I just happened to get the scene where you a middle aged man was getting off from this nicely dressed lady by licking her feet all over. I cringe just thinking about it now. And the women enjoyed it too. So yeah, scarred for life. Doesn't help that I lived on an island where it's the land of sandals and bare feet. :(

fear of feet
by: Anonymous

i hate it when people rub their now 15 and i still hate it. my phobia started ever since when i would walk by my big sister she would shake her feet at me and rub it. i think its gross and i get a negative feeling when people do it towards me and she still tortures me with her feet im gonna try and see a shrink to get over my phobia. i hope im not the only that has this problem

by: Anonymous

me too i cant say the word. i even hate saying foot or shoe, just typing that made me uncomfortable. i think its abnormal to not feel guilty saying the word. when other people talk about them it makes me sick. and when they do start talking about them they cant stop and it becomes so interesting for everyone. i think lesser of someone when they say the wordand it takes me a while to get over it when i happens, in fact i never get over it. i even judge people over it. i think i am lesser of a person because i have this problem. it ruins my confidence and i will never get over it.
theres no cure for it but i honestly thought i was the only one in the world. i thought i was cursed, well i still do but it helps knowing other people suffer from something similar.

Has anyone gone for treatment?
by: Anonymous

I have a family member who has this foot disorder. Has anyone went for treatment? This is worse than most phobias. Spiders, snakes, small places, you can avoid these things. This is the hardest thing to deal with. She makes out like it everyone who is not disgusted with feet are unstable.
I was in the infantry and your feet are your friends. We don't see our feet or any feet but you are always asking, feet dry, need socks,i got extra foot powder.

Feet are important. Ask someone who one or both. I can't get mine to seek help but talk to a professional. Just because you have found a group like you does mean you get to stop trying. If you think about it, you know.

It's not funny
by: boop

I've hated feet since I was fairly young, but I got over it and stopped caring for a while. Now, it's worse than ever. My friend thinks it's the funniest thing ever, though. She told me she put her toe in my mouth while I was asleep and we were in a pool once and she was trying to get ahead of me so she put her bare foot on my face. I almost cried. And then she tells everybody about the time I told her and another friend that one of my biggest fears is people putting their bare feet on my face because it was "funny and out of nowhere." I only have one friend who actually respects my strong dislike of feet. Also, I really don't like my mom's feet but she always puts them up close to me and it makes me really uncomfortable.

40 years and counting
by: Anonymous

I've had podophobia for over 40 years. It has ruined my life. I'm a 47 year old virgin because women have feet, and the thought of a stray foot touching me in bed terrifies me to the core. Whenever I get touched by a foot, I get blisters on that spot unless I scrub the affected area immediately, and I do mean immediately. Seconds count!
My shrink says she thinks it's a manifestation of OCD.

Eughh feet
by: Anonymous

My family believe I'm weird because I'm terrified of feet. They think it's funny to try and put their feet on me which is horrific. Bare feet or with socks on they make me shudder and when one touches me I feel sick and my heart rate increases, I'm embarrassed to say if a foot touches above my waist I tend to cry and hyperventilate. No one I know understand how I feel they make me out to be stupid which doesn't help so it's good to know that there are so many more people that feel the same as me.!!

Flip flops
by: Anonymous

i just posted on here and i forgot ot mention that i have to start wearing open toed shoes( flip flops sandals etc.) months in advance of summer like in the middle of February!!! cause if i jsut all of a sudden start wearing them i will have a panik attack everytime i see my feet ...or somebody i prepare myself so i can survive the summer without having to wear Tennis Shoes the entire time i know its not ideal but it is the only thing i can do

I dont know how to handle it
by: Anonymous

My family members are always touching one another and i feel as though i dont belong because i have Haphephobia or the fear of people touching i also have Podophobia or the fear of feet and i also have OCD. Last night i was talking to my mom on my bed and she was wearing a black sock(eww foot) and there was a white fuzz on it so before i knew it my OCD had me taking the fuzz of my mothers foot..i touched her foot and when i realized i did i had a panic attack like i couldnt breathe and i had to sit in the fetal position for like 45 minutes then i sat in a chair at my bathroom sink and washed my hands in hot water used half a bottle of soap in REALLY hot water just to feel clean again...then i took a hot shower...IDK what i should do ...... am i a freak

I don't know what exactly my phobia is called.
by: Kara

I've been afraid/disgusted by bare feet/toes for quite a while now. However not only am I disgusted to see people's toes an bottom of their feet, but whenever I wear sandals (very seldomly) I have the extremly bothersome sensation that people are STARING at my toes it freaks me out. On top of that I can NOT stand to look at people's toes it makes me physically sick sometimes, but for some reason if I see someone's feet (especially if they are revolting) I will keep staring until I get sick. I don't know why but I can't look away. If someone can help me email me at if you do so put something in the subject bar cause I get a lot of spam.

by: Jessica

I only got this fear since last year, when I went to an au-pair pedicure. The concept is to get a pedicure together with a friend or a family member, but I got paired up with a random person who I didn't know. In the end we had to paint each other's toenails and for that we had to interlock toes. It was terrible... I think that was the spark for my phobia. I'm glad to find other people with the same problem though.

I'm not alonee(:
by: Anonymous

My fear of feet came on gradually. But I'm now 16 and I can have feet touch me. Weather its a foot in a shoe, or in a sock, expecially a bare foot. Along with all that I can't stand when shoes are near me, that have been worn, dirty socks are the death of me! When a sock is just exposed to me that has been on a foot is just terrible. The thought of a warm sweaty sock makes me wanna throw up. Sometimes I can't even have my own feet touch each other or my legs. I hate seein pictures of feet, thinkin bout feet, people talkin bout feet, anything. I personally feel my phobia is gettin worst very fast. I'm to the point were I will jump over sofas, run in to walls, hide in rooms, ect. Just to try and get away from feet.

I hate feet.. Obviously
by: Sarah Jane

Glad to know I'm not the only one out there!
I cannot stand feet. Kids, teens, or adults. Especially when they're dry and crackly. I can't stand when someone's feet touch me. Everyone thinks I do it for attention. Although I don't, I get really scared and my heart rate goes up. My boyfriend really thinks its funny to put his feet over me. I even made him wash his hands after he itched his foot once. I always wear socks, no matter the temp outside, because I can't stand if my feet are out in the open or if they touch each other. Especially at night.
Glad to know I'm not alone!!

by: Anonymous

I find it just strange how there are so many people afraid of feet, but there are just as many people who are attracted to feet. I'm neutral, they're just feet. They are just like anything in the world itself, some are ugly, some are normal, and some look nice. I don't have any phobias so I can't really relate, that being said, you all are a bunch of pansies! LOL

toes are gross
by: toe hater / nature lover xD

I hate it when people touch their toes!! I hate the sight of toes, especially when girls go everywhere wearing flip flops and guys go bare foot. Ughhhhh, it grosses me out. I especially hate it when people touch me with their toes or feet. Mr brothers, of course, do that all the time at home because we walk around the house with bare feet. I just stare at the toes and shudder. They are disgusting - no one understood this until now! Plus I met a girl today morning who has the same fear as I do xD. I HATE TOES!

by: Anonymous

I do not really mind feet as an entity, I just am for some reason not comfortable to show my feet anywhere. I dont have an infection or anything I just dont like showing them.

feaked by feet
by: Anonymous

I am creeped out over bare feet. Unwalked on baby feet don't bother me. But once the baby walks that's it for me. Ppl will tease me and try to touch me with there feet and I freak. It's hard for me to be in a room with ppl wearing sandals. I just loose all focus of what's going on.

Same here
by: DMB

Like Matt, I can't say the word, singular or plural, and haven't for over twelve years, so I use the word 'paws' as a substitute. But I only hate male paws (including my own), girl paws don't bother me. When a guy says the actual word, it really bothers me, which is why I can't say it myself. Men should NEVER wear flip flops or sandals, or even worse go around with no shoes/socks at all, unless they're in the privacy of their own homes. This is just my opinion, but I sure wish everyone else agreed.

i hate them.
by: rod

I used to be okay with it when i was smaller but i hink it started when one of my boyfriends had really big ugly feet and always walked around barefoot. After that relationship i couldnt stand them. Now when people talk about feet i cringe up and try to get out of there as soon as i can. My sister plays soccer so she has nasty feet and she and my brother will pin me down and rub their feet on my face. They think its absolutly hilarious and so do my friends. The inly person who is actually serious about my phobia is my conselor who i talk to weekly about my phobia. If someone brings up the word i have to leave then and there. Im 15 years old and i have a phobia. Glad to know im not the only one((: i have to learn while im with people "dont look down"

i'm the same
by: Anonymous

i have never been so scared of anything in my life. i feel disgusted and terrified when i am around feet, whether they are barefoot, socked, or shoed. i have cried when people put their feet on me, and i hate even seeing bare feet in my peripheral vison. i have to cover my eyes so i dont see them. if i get touched with a foot i have to wash the area or i feel dirty. i refuse to touch my own feet. i do not cut my own toe nails, etc. in the shower i avoid touching my feet to wash them. i wear socks almost 24/7, even on 100 degree days in the summer and i cannot sleep without socks. the feel of my feet touching one another also disgusts me. i do not let people touch my feet either. when they do i feel naseus and grossed out because i don't know how they can willingly touch a foot. glad to know others are like me

by: Anonymous

I have the same fear! but its odd because baby and children's feet dont bother me?
anyone else have this exception???

Feet :/
by: Rose

I dont like feet. When i see people touching their feet, i feel sick. I dont mind shoed or socked feet, but bare feet make me really uncomfortable.
I dont like showing my feet either: i always feel like someone is staring and judging them. It makes me feel really exposed when i dont have socks or shoes on.
im glad other people know what its like to feel the way i feel about feet :)

by: Nasia

I really and truly just can't stand feet, I'm not exactly scared of them but they just creep the hell out of me. My family all laugh at me and my brother and sister will make fun of me by going around barefoot or putting their feet near me. I do dance and so as a safety precaution we aren't allowed to wear socks, thankfully we do a lot so I don't have time to really focus on the fact that I am in a room full of barefooted feet but if I ever look at someones foot I freak out and have to calm down.
I'm from South Africa so my friends find it weird that I can't stand the sight or thought of feet.
It is amazing and such a relief to finally find more people who are scared of feet. :)

by: Anonymous

I am 36, and I have been afraid of people who have podophobia for over twenty years. I was sixteen-years-old. We were at my family's summer cabin in Maine. My grandmother had podophobia. One day my grandfather discovered her feet in a shoe-box in a laundry basket. He gave them to me as a coming-of-age gift. He had stung them on a chain.

I have never been the same.

I feel your pain
by: Zoe

I have the biggest fear of feet. They absolutely disgust me. I wear socks and shoes in summer so that people can not see my feet. I hate the gross feeling that overcomes you when feet are around.

Ive had this fear for over 25 years
by: Matt

All these coments make sense, im so bad I cant even say the word F E E T, If I see someone wearing open shoes etc I look away from them, I HATE Them. Is there a cure? this is eating at me, it knocks your confidence big time and find other ways like drinking and smoking, I thought I was the only person with this fear.

in Colombia too
by: Juliana

Dude, all the way from Colombia.. I want you all to know we are not alone as we thought!!!
The feeling its just awful for me... Like, if I am making out with someone, or something... If I remember the guy has feet.. Oh God... It can just turn me totally off! likee ewww!
My advice... never look down. Even though I know it's so hard.. Just pretend that word doesn't exists!!

I am the same!
by: Kelsita

I have this fear and it is really hard to deal with when people just laugh at you for it. My father even chases me around my house with his bare feet or even his socks. Even my niece and nephews have watched him...will pick up his socks and throw them at me. Even with me crying and screaming they don't stop. Weird thing is I don't have a problem with childrens, like toddlers, feet but anyone elses are just...ugggg! Wish people would just stop.

I know exactly what your talking about!
by: Anonymous

I get so freaked out and I thought I was alone, people make fun of me. Feet, with shoes on or off make me feeel gross and I flip out every time I see one, When one touches me, I quickly jump up and run, I wash whatever part of my body was touched by it. I feel dirty and they are gross and scary. I hate feet so much and I have been like this since about a couple years ago. I didn't even know about this syndrom until a couple months ago, I've been searching for someone like me that i can share things with. I am glad I read your story. I now know I am not alone.

by: aly

wow, i seriously thought i was the only one..My dad calls me crazy and says "no one else is like you" i have a fear of taking my socks off or being touched by feet and i'll get disgusted if i see it. The only time i don't have socks on is when i shower or swim. swimming even makes me feal insacure! knowing someone else has this makes me feel alot better :p and i hope there is some type of cure.omg!

eww, feet
by: holly

i recently found out i have podophobia as well, it all started because my dad has disgusting feet and i gradually started hating them and being scared of them toushing me. my friends find it funny but once i started screaming, shaking and crying because someones foot touched me, i just feel so dirty and i feel it necessary to wash. i dont mind my own feet and i like walking barefooted but if people touch or even look at my feet i cover them up. i am happy to know im not the only one, i was starting to get worried about my rare phobia!

I feel your pain.
by: Ana

I have the same problem. My friends all think it's hilarious, and they put their feet all over me. Some people think it's for attention, but it's not. I hate feet. I think they're so disgusting! My feet are fine, but anyone else's feet, whether they have shoes on, socks on, or barefoot, I hate them. I hate it so much, people just make fun of me, but they don't understand, I mean, how would they like it if I shoved their biggest fear in their face? My two best friends shoved their feet in my face once, it was so gross, they had been wearing shoes all day, and their socks were so sweaty, and it was in front of 6 other friends, I was so angry, and they just laughed.
To everyone who has the same problem, ♥♥♥

by: Kaitlyn

I am a 12 year old girl and i have podophobia.
When someone touches me their feet I just go crazy.
I think r the wierdest most digusting things ever.
My family knows of my phobia but the only one that really care is my mom everyone else likes to hold me down and touch me with their feet. I have a very serious podophobia because whe some someone touches me with them or I see them close to me I start screaming and I get very angry for a longtime. But anyone who has podophobia just know you aren't alone!!!!!!

by: Sam

I have the exact same problem but all my friends and familly think im faking it and continue touching there feet to me or my things. I can not convince them that Im telling the truth. Im only 15 and they dont listen to me at all.

by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a dog that i am pretty sure has podophobia. If my foot goes near her or goes in a swinging movement she yelps to the heavens even though i didn't touch her. She is not adopted..a breeder who was very nice gave her to us. She has never been beaten. One day i stepped on her leash with my foot and it choked her. Did that make her afraid of feet since she yelped in pain afterwards. If so how can i desensitize her?

Eww !
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 and i HATE feet for as long as i can remember. Just their sight creeps me out, i'm okay with my own feet but no one else's. It's just very disturbing to me. If a barefoot touches me i have to take a shower and wash that spot well or just wash that spot clean until i don't feel dirty anymore. Feet with socks or shoes on are ok but open toed shoes just freak me out i hate the person that came up with that idea. At my school a lot of the girls tend to wear them and it is hell for me, my family tends to make fun of me for it and for most of the part ill cry about it. I haven't told my friends about it because i don't want them to think i'm weird-er than what i am already. Im just happy im not alone :)

by: Anonymous

I tottaly have this! i thought i was the only one. my friends always attack me with their feet and they think its hilarious. even my spanish teacher put his bare feet in my face when we were in the Pacific Ocean on a sprong break trip with other spanish students. to this day i keep an eye on him while im in his class. my entire spanish class will take 10 minutes out of the day just to talk about feet. its a love/hate relationship with that class. and i wear socks 24/7 i hate the 5 seconds without them when i change my socks every morning. and i was shocked when my friend told me that im the weird one for sleeping in my socks. i thought every body did that. im fine with my feet because they're attached.

by: .......

Finally someone who's got the same phobia as I do.
I simply can't stand watching at someones feet. I think feet are so dirty and it's driving me crazy when I have to spend some time with someone who is bearfooted.

me too !!!
by: Anonymous

i am 14 years old and also have a phobis of feet, im ok with my own feet but if someone touches my feet or looks at them or if someone touches me with their feet or has no socks and shoes on i go crazy. i refuse to wear open-aired shoes. my friends and boyfriend finds it quite amusing however my boyfriend is becoming more and more used to m phobia and is learning how to live with it. he freaks out and panicks when im panicking over feet as he has no idea what to do. my friends all try to touch my feet or put their feet on me which is really annoying.

by: Anonymous

I am terribly afraid of feet if a foot that is bare or in a sock touches me i will go crazy and have to wash it. Also they are just scary and i don't know ow to deal with it. :(

by: Mary

I'm 14 and I've had podophobia since 7th grade. when i see bare feet i have to be away from them and if someone touches me with bare feet or with a sock on i have anxiety. My friend has touched me with her bare foot and i threw up because of how bad i freaked out. i have even woken up while sleeping in the same bed as a friend and i woke up because her foot was touching me so i made her sleep on the floor

Wow, same
by: Anonymous

It's so weird because I do too ever since I was little. I am glad I am not the only one. It's so weird and I try not to tell anyone, but I want to get it passed. I hate it! I hate walking around barefoot, it feels awkward. I don't know what to do ....

complex podophobia
by: Anonymous

Well, i do believe that I have podophobia because...idk. even if somebody lifts there foot up for any reason i have to cove my eyes and i feel really friends have done this a couple time to me until they see me freak out and start crying. then they try comforting me, but i get pissed at them. also my bro thought it would be funny to grab my hand and put it on my foot. I started screaming my head off and i it felt like i was panicking, like if i'm trapped in a small enclosure with a foot near me. I mean for some strange reason i'm fine with my own feet...most of the time, but anytime a see a bare foot, its like i cant breath that easily and i get panicked and scared.

me too!
by: Anonymous

I believe I had podophobia too. I can't look at feet , touch them or even smell them. If someone says " it smells like feet" , I tend to freak out. A lot. And if anyone touches me with their foot , i start crying , I cant explain it. It is very childish but I cant control it. My friends think its the most hilarious thing , but I seriously cannot take it ! Feet are disgusting . the end .

by: Anonymous

Feet, have been not my favorite body part for the longest time, but just recently it has gotten exponentially worse. I cant even wash them with my own Hands! I have to use a bath brush with a handle.
Pedi-Egg is the GROSSEST invention ever.
I make sure my feet are clean and well taken care of, no dryness becuase that is where all my fear comes from, Dry crusty feet that isn't taken care of. God, Clipping my toe nails is a complete nightmare.
I hope to get over this someday. Im not saying I envy those who are able to touch their feet and go on like everyday yadda yadda, but I would at least like to cut my toe nails without washing (and drying out) my hands.
I dont have it nearly as bad as some of you and I hope the best for you.=].

Ahhhh!!! Me tooo!!!
by: Ali

I'm 14 and i've been afraid of feet for a long time. Whenever one touches me i feel so nasty and i have to rub the germs off till i feel like its not there anymore! I also hate socks, and any kind of feet. If i just see one i'm fine, but if it comes near me thats when i freak out.My friends think its hilarious, but its really not. Good to know i'm not alone.

thank god !
by: Anonymous

i finally found ppl suffering the same thing !!
im 26 i have this phobia since i was 14 .. everybody wanted to know why i woudnt show off my feet ..and i didnt know what to say !
i tried to walk barefooted and it worked ..but only with ppl who dont know that i have a prblem with feet , i wasnt able to do that infront of family or friends who know my problem ...

by: Tori

I'm so happy right now.
I knew I wasn't alone, but my podophobia has gotten so out of control that I can't stand to even be bare footed in my own home cause some of my family members walk around bare footed.

I was crying about it and decided to google this crap and found this and read all these comments and I feel so much better.

Yall described EVERYTHING I feel when I'm around feet.
and I'm glad to see yall's friends attack you too and it's not just
mine haha.

U can get over this fear, i did!
by: Anonymous

For 20 years I could not stand the thought of going barefoot. The furthest I got was taking a bath or having a shower. With this said, I was always curious about going barefoot outdoors like the rest of my family did. My advice to you is to go somewhere where nobody knows you, e.g. a park, a resort, the beach, etc. and get acquainted with going barefoot. The stress of people knowing you have this fear and mocking you for it is the most debilitating factor, but if you push that aside and go barefoot on your own you'll soon have the strength to do it in front of a crowd!

by: Anonymous

im 14, i have podophobia and i hate it when i see any feet in socks, or bare i jus get freaked out ,disgusted get goosebumps and it makes me fee unconfortable

i feel the same way!
by: Anonymous

i've hated feet ever since i can remember and i'm almsot 18. I have no problem with feet if they're not seen like under shoes or socks..but bare feet creep me out!..i just think they're so gross and disgusting and weird looking. I cannot ever sleep without socks and the only time i can touch someone elses feet is if they are babys feet or if we're in a pool otherwise i feel really dirty and i immedietly go wash my hands.
its really embarrasing to tell people and some people dont know about it and they'll touch me with their feet and inside i feel like cringing..does anyone know how to help me!

by: Anonymous

I'm 14 and I have podophobia, I am fine seeing feet but if they get close to me I get anxiety and nearly start crying, I have to move really far away from the person and can't go near them for at least a half hour after the incident. I am normally fine if feet touch my feet as long as me and the other person both wear socks but it still feels really...dirty somehow and makes me want to take a bath or scrub my feet.

My friends and family all joke about it saying how it'll be real sexy if I get married cause I won't be able to touch feet with the guy. It's so embarrasing when I go to sleepovers, parties, over to people's houses because I can't get close to people without making sure my feet are out of the way. It's kinda reassuring knowing that your not the only one out there with this.

Me Too
by: Anonymous

I share the same uncommon phobia too. An external part of the body, feet, makes me cringe. The structure, 5 toes! I completely agree with your irrational fear.

by: Anonymous

When i see feet like in my face or they touch me or sometone else toucches me with there feet it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable, and i know it sounds stupid but a lot of the time i will cry if its bare feet that touch me.

I dislike feet
by: Anonymous

for awhile people made me feel like there was something wrong with me.
I was so glad to find this page, and find out I'm not the only one.

I don't mind feet in shoes, but if they touch me,
I literally feel like I might throw up. Some of my newer friends try to touch me with their feet, and just laugh when I say stop, but they don't have a clue how dirty and disgusting I feel when a foot comes in contact with me.
I don't like any feet, not even mine.

but, I do have a weird shoe fetish, which always
seemed odd to me, seeing as I hate feet, but love shoes, which go on feet?

by: Da DA

Im an 18 also and I have podophobia which is fear of feet. I feel my phobia is a little diffrent then most. I can see feet with socks and/or shoes with no problem its just bare feet make me very paranoid. I feel they are the nastiest things on the plant. I can hardly touch my own feet or have anyone touch my feet. But, my daughter's feet dont bother me at all.. although she is only a year old...Anyways im glad to hear there are people like me out there. I have tried many things and nothing has been able to help me with this so if anyone has had the similar problem and can help please contact me.

bloodylette420 at

by: Rebecka

I, too, have podophobia. The look, feel, SMELL, just anything freaks me out. I have been known to have an anxiety attack when someones touches me with their feet. I can't stand it when people wear flipflops around me. I hate even shoed feet. Oddly, i hate my own feet! I will not touch them other than to watch and cover them. I always have them hidden away in shoes. I am glad i'm not the only one with this condition...It is horrible when people make fun of you for such a thing. (aka, kids at school, my own family...)

glad I'm not alone
by: Anonymous

Finally, I thought I was just a weird person, but to see other people scared of feet makes me feel alot better. Although Im okay with my feet, if anyone touches me with their foot ( either bare or sock covered ) I scream really loud and one time almost cried. I want to find out more of how to treat this odd fear, I would like to live normally please.

Everyone makes fun of how freaked out I get around feet. And I for one don't think it's a laughing matter. Even my FAMILY pokes their feet at me thinking it's just some stupid game I'm playing. Well it's not, this all might sound rather hilarious to people, but think of it this way:
I am living in a world where my worst fear is faced everyday, and it's not just an oh no feet thing, people make fun of me. I scream and kick to show how much I'd rather be doing anything in the world then coming on contact with these gross tools called feet. I absolutely hate it but I can't stop this fear, i've tried, oh yes, I HAVE tried. I can't bare to face this odd fear, but I try and manage

by: Anonymous

I totally understand what you mean. I am the exact same way. I hate seeing feet, having them touch me or near me. I don't mind my own or if you have shoes on but other than that no. My family and friends make fun of me too and poke me with their feet just to see me freak out and run away. I just think their gross and I do not like them.

by: Anonymouse

I hate feet too. Strange, but I'm okay with my own, but NOT others. Don't like looking at them, touching them, having them touch me (!) or even hearing them (?). My friends and family love joking about it, poking me with their feet...and then watching me freak out completely (especially because otherwise, I'm a pretty chill person). It's not actually that funny =/

I don't think it's elevated to an unmanageable level so if I were to have any phobia, fear of feet isn't that horrible.

by: Anonymous

I refuse to say the word, and just looking at it on the screen is making me anxious. I even failed grade 11 math because I refused to use it in the form of measurements as well. I sleep with either shoes or socks on, and I wont take them off for anyone. People say it's ridiculous, but I disagree. I'm gad to know I'm not alone...but even in that sense I don't want to discuss it with anyone, cause I'd probably puke on you all.

conforming- i have it too
by: Anonymous

ive had it for years.. and i thought i was alone untill i was at a sleepover and someone asked me a question related to it and i replied by saying nothing much but "i dont like .." then another person at the sleepover agreed with me and yeah.. were two people absolutly terrified of ...

my phobias so bad i cant even say the word.. or hear the word or type it..

i never go Anywhere with out socks and shoes..

wish everyone the best =[

i feel the same.
by: Anonymous

your not the only one x

I have it too!
by: Conor

I have about half that phobia.

I do not like going bearfoot

Good to know.
by: Anonymous

I never knew it was an actual phobia, but it's good to know there's a name for it. I suffer from this phobia too, and people think it's funny to watch me freak.

I can take shoed feet and even feet in socks, as long as the socked feet are nowhere near me. I can't handle bare feet either.

I cry when people tough me with their feet, and I have to wash the area. I also want to throw up when I see people touching or picking at their feet. If they even do so much as put on socks, I ask them to wash their hands before touching me.

It's weird, but good to know I'm not alone.

i feel kinda the same
by: Anonymous

i just hate the thought of others peoples feet.
like my feet are fine, just other peoples gross me out!
socks are fine, but definitely not bare feet!
i hate when people touch my feet or other people
touch me with their feet!

i feel the same
by: Kelly

Its not childish at all.
I have the same thing for years, but i only realised recently that it was an actual phobia.
They completely and totally freak me out
Looking at them on the telly makes me completely cringy and feel so ill and i literally have to cover my face.
My mates find it hilarious and constantly think that it would be fun to chase me with bare feet or send me pictures of feet.
I cant stand it
I dont know why i hate them .. like you said...yes shoes are fine...socks no .. especially if there is a worn sock on the floor and i accidently stand on it i freak out.
My feet i find though are ok.
I cant even sit next to someone with socks on
It freaks me out
I cant explain it

I seriously thought i was the only person that felt this way about feet ... at least not
Others dont seem to understand
but in a way i know that its weird myself but i cant help it

sorry for the rambling ...

me too
by: Amie

i have a severe fear of feet, its horrible. my family think its funny too try and put their feet on me but it makes me feel sick.

i just feel nervous when i see feet, especially mens! and i get worried on holiday and i cant go to water parks because i get freaked out!

im so glad other people suffer too.

by: Anonymous

I have the same thingggg

shoes are fine.take em off and I freak out.
If they touch, i have panic attacks.

it's pretty intense.

people make fun of me, but I cant do anything about it yaknow?

I know how you feel
by: Julie

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!! I completely understand how you feel about feet. I am a 34 year old single mom with a college degree, so that just shows that it can happen to anyone. I work in an elementary school with 95% women. Spring and summer bring open toed shoes. My blood pressure goes up, I hyperventilate, and the gag reflex kicks in. My coworkers think it's funny and constantly try to touch me with their feet. I RUN! I thought I was crazy. I was glad to see that it is a real condition.

by: Anonymous

i have a fear of rain!
i know mine is ridiculous.
but i cry when i have to walk outside even if im protected by the rain!

by: Anonymous

Yeah, I have that too.
And my friends think it's hilarious.
So they attack me with their feet.
And I have to scrub the area that they touched me with.
Even my friends parents do that to me.
I feel the same way.

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