I have pediculophobia

hello a lot of you people may not know what pediculophobia is. well its a fear of lice. in this case head lice . these days head lice spreads like wildfire at school. as soon as i found out my friend got head lice well....this may sound rude but i didn't even want to hang out with her or even sit next to her. and guess what to make matters worse i just found a person could catch sea lice. i have a very rare phobia and not to mention i got lice 2 once when i was 5 and another when i was 11. i freaked out i felt soooo dirty and uncomfortble and i wanted to itch it every second believe it or not i thought i was going to die!!!!! and when ever i think about i itch and take a shower. i always got it from a person at school and wanted to harm who ever passed it on to me. also whenever i see a little fuzzy dust i automaticly think it's lice. just the thought of it makes want to pass out. i never leave the house without putting on my lice protecting spray just so i don't catch it and never ever leave my hair down . and at one point of time i tried to make my hair dirty because they go after clean heads.i am in desprate need of help

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