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by: abi

i too have the same problem!!!but mine is worse than yours.i scream and shake when i see a picture of one :(

bad phobia
by: Niloufar

Hey guys
I have a very very bad phobia of birds, I live in US and I cannot go anywhere,for example I went to San Francisco last months but I did not see and visit anywhere because of pigeons, I am looking for a psychologist but I haven't found anybody yet, could you please send me your email, maybe you can help me
Thank you

I have it tooo!
by: Vanessie

Hello, i was just wondering if i could ask you a few questions about your fear...i'm scared of birds too! and in my english class, i have to write a research paper which requires me to interview people, and i cant find anyone in my area that shares my fear, so could you please e-mail me?? it would mean alot to me!

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