I have misophonia and trypophobia

by Andrea

I had misophonia since I was a little kid. I always hated 'yucky' sounds, as I used to say. Eating loud, chewing gum, breathing, scratching things, coughing, sneezing... Anything goes. Back when I was living with my parents, they would always make me sit next to my younger sister, which chews really loud to me. I would end up crying during every meal because it was so disgusting to me. I just wanted to punch her in the face, to make it stop but I knew I couldn't do that. I would always end up eating alone in the kitchen as a punishment for thinking those violent things I can't control. Obviously, I loved eating alone. Now things are better, as my husband totally understands my problem always tries to avoid making weird noises. Or else, I always eat alone when I'm with a big group of people, or I stay away. Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays... are the worst times. (Since I live with my husband, I haven't had a meal at my parents, as it generates a lot of anxiety and I get violent. We now avoid any kind of confrontation, as they don't understand what misophonia is.)

I also have trypophobia, is not much of a deal as I just avoid seeig those things. Big groups of holes are not that common to see. But anytime I find something like them, I get anxious and I want to vomit and cry (Not a nice thing). I'm not going to add pictures because of the obvious reason.

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