I have many fears

by Sia

I have many fears, one of them is fear of bees and wasps, I have had it for as long as I remember. I'm also afraid of wild animals.

That's only one. I also am afraid of something going into my ear or eye, someone touching me, loud noices and bright colors (which cause me headache, which I'm also afraid of).

I have fear of eating strange foods, like in restaurants or foods that are in cans or bags... I have fear of germs, bacteria and getting sick, I have fear of sick or obese people and I can't be near of them. I'm also afraid of angry people and that someone may hurt me...

These fears and phobias are causing panic attacks almost everyday and my social skills are dying because I can't be as normal outside as I am in my own home. If I'm in my home everythings fine.

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