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by: Anonymous

I am 42 and have just had a panic attack when they started throwing a tennis ball around in a group activity. I never realised my fear ran so deep, usually I would just avoid these situations or just say dont throw it to me, put on the spot today and ran, pure panic.

Me aswell
by: Anonymous

When a ball or anything is thrown at me i have an emotional breakdown. I am lucky becuase my teacher is very understanding and so are my friends, but it has gotten so bad that at break time at school i hide in the corner becuse most of the yard is taken up by people playing basketball. I dont want to have to go through life with this horrible fear. I really am too scared to try to overcome it.

Me too!!
by: Anonymous

I am exactly the same when we play sports i close my eyes and dodge the ball instead of catching!!

by: Anonymous

Omg me too im afraid being hit by ball,my friends laugh at me when i run and i really hate ball guys what phobia is that i want to know:/

by: Sas25998

I have sfairesphobia as well. Like whenever I through and catch a ball by myself I have no problem but in PE or whenever anyone has a ball I automatically run in the opposite direction

... SAME ...
by: Marckos

Whoa. we are same. i though i am only one in the world that have scared at balls..(any kind of ball)
I am a boy and they laughning at me when i dodge it instead of catch it ..
im so embarassed ..
when the game is dodgeball. i am just standing and trembling that i'm afraid get hurt by the ball, minutes ago i got hitted a ball in the face.
i'm so embarassed ..

Me too
by: Grace

I'm scared to play anything from netball to dodgeball because I'm afraid of balls. You're not alone! ;)

Me Too
by: Peace-Pands

i have had that fear from 0-now.

moi aussi!
by: Anonymous

I get so scared in gym class when we are playing any sport, such as volleyball or like baseball or basketball. I just get so scared that the ball will hit me and even when it hits others i freak out! whenever a ball is in the air, i tense up. i can't stand gym class it's torture

It's normal :D
by: Rachel

Hey, It's normal all right :)
I have it too!

I'm always afraid of getting hit by the ball and often sit at one corner when my friends are playing any ball games :)

We're together on the same boat (/^^)/

the name
by: Anonymous

It's called BALLOPHOBIA: afraid of/ being hit with a ball/balls
my friend has it, she always screams and runs away, you just don't want to be hit which can lead to a different type of phobia that I don't know the name of.

my sister also
by: buddy

my sister is really scared of. She starts running away when she sees a ball.

I had this fear from about 9-16
by: Anonymous

Me and my friend Lowri had this exact fear we always got into trouble and got teased for not participating in sports that included balls :|

with me the smaller the ball the worse, I got over it, Lowri still hasn't, but she's much better now.

It does ease off seriously, never completely goes but it's bareable..

by: Clodagh

I have the exact same fear. It maens I can hardly ever do P.E. or join in a game if my friends are playing footie etc. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this fear!

from alaska chick
by: Anonymous

its a normal fear, i have it to i am sooo scared of balls hitting my face and stuff but ur gym teacher shouldn't be failing u in class cuz of your fear, my gym teacher knows i have that fear and he says to take it easy if i get too scared step out, and we'll try to overcome that fear. once i couldn't stop crying after gym cuz i was super scared of the balls that day and i was just thinking it was a stupid dumb fear.

by: Anonymous

don't worry about it, i also have that fear but i got it by playing sports. i always get hit on my face or leg with any type of ball when im playing. when im not they still hit me and i have to go to the nurse or something. My brother plays soccer and i told him why i dont play and he didnt believe me. i believe im ball magnet. you can tell your parents and teacher but thats up to you.!!!!

Your not the only one
by: Vicky

Don't worry Annika,I have the same problem too. We're playing volleyball in gym and I always stress out because my team keeps telling me to move and actually hit the ball. It gets even worse when they start feeling bad for me. They congratulate me everytime I hit the ball and it actualy goes over the net (which rarely happens) I hate that because I want to be treated like everybody else and not like some disabled kid. I can't tell people about this but my fear of balls keeps getting worse.ever since I got hit in the face with a kickball or anywhere else on my body, I feel so scared when the ball comes toward me. My hands start getting sweaty and my heart pounds like mad. I use to love volleyball when it was just one on one with my bff and that there was only a small space between us. Now I feel so insecure and sometimes I try so hard not to cry when I'm mad. I am very terrified of getting a bad grade. I wish things were easy for me. It causes me too much stress. I wish I could overcome my fears

me too
by: Anonymous

I have the same phobia. I always fail gym because when a ball comes my way I think it's going to hit me in the head or something so I just stand there like I forgot how to dodge. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

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