I Have Fear Of After End

by Mathieu
(Ottawa Canada)

i have won and only fear. i feel like im the only won ho ever experience it. and i dont know what its called.

i have fear of after end...

i have no clue how to say it. what comes after nothing. ther cant be nothing. there’s always something. what comes after death. not death itself trust me i have no fear of it. but afterwards... is there heaven, hell, do you come back as an animal? no one knows fore sure and neither do I. and that freaks me out.

when i was a kid. i could never watch a full movie from beginning...to end. i would start freaking out close to the end and run off into my room. even if it was the funniest comedy on this planet. it just freaked me out.

i got over that stage and can se a movie fully now, but just talking like this freaks me out. and i can actually start crying if i start going in details of what comes after end. because there cant be an end. life goes on and always will.

im not sure if i explained it right, and i have no clue of what my fear is. i am hoping that talking about it and letting the world know might help.

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