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i have the same thing
by: Anonymous

i was thinking the other day and i got creeped out bc ...i was like soo wat happens after we die do we go to heaven ..and then how long will we be there ..will we ever come back?? is ther another world?? ..its freaky and weird!

I know exactly what you mean, I feel the same way.
by: Morgan Faye

I thought about the 'end' too, one day. And it really freaked me out. I started crying because I thought about how I won't have any of the people I love and know and I thought about what would happen next. And it's so confusing to think about. I mean, what happens? GAH! i dont know...:/

i fear the same
by: Anonymous

i am afraid that after i die what happenes i mean when you r dead do u just go to sleep ... come back i dont know... will everyone stay the same once im gone .. will is still feel ... think ... i mean u cant just stop living how does it feel. its hard to explain but i feel sick thinking of it now =(

I can same a similiar phobia if that works
by: Doug Davidson

I don't know what your phobia is called, but the closest thing I can find is Hadephobia, the fear of Hell. You are afraid of a bad afterlife, and Hell is the closest thing I can find. No after-life and Hell are both bad endings.


You are not alone
by: James

I feel exactly the same, its very hard to explain
but i fear more of what is outside life, like what was around before life and what happens (like you) after life and all exsistance has vanished what is left?

Think of it like this, Human exsistance and all life forms in the universe are gone, all planets all atoms everything!.

What is there, what was around before the big bang?

I know its not a fear of the unknown i have, can someone help me out on this.

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