I have emetophobia.

by Jamie

I have emetophobia, which is the fear of vomiting.
I don't know how I got this fear, but I really hate having it.

I hate seeing people throw up and when I'm next to someone when they are getting sick, I freak out really bad. I start sweating, my heart rate goes up, I can't think straight, and I have to get out of there immdiately before they actually get sick. and if I am there when they do puke, I really freak out.

Like one time in 6th grade, this kid in my class threw up and I freaked out so bad that I started crying and I ran out out the class without the teacher's permission, and ran to the bathroom and just started bawling like crazy.

And when I see it on t.v., I HAVE to change the channel. Seeing, hearing, or smelling it makes me wanna die. I honestly hate having this fear because I know vomiting is a normal, everyday body function. But I can't help it.

And I get made fun of it badly. Like my friends and family will act like they are throwing up or make a noise to sound they are doing it. It really irritates me and they know it.

But the funny things is, I don't get sick very often. the last time I threw up, I was in third grade. and I'm 16 going into the 10 grade. but I really wish to get rid of this phobia. It's humiliating, not fun, and just plain infuriating :(

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