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School Trip Issue
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 years old, i've suffered with emetophobia and anxiety since i was about 6-7.
In total i've missed nearly 4 years of school because of it, anyway Tomorrow we have our rewards day at school (where we all go to alton towers) it's nearly a 2 hour journey by coach and i would LOVE to go, but i'm torn between going or staying because every year there's always at-least 2 people who throw up on the coach and i am absoloutley terrified at the thought of being trapped in a coach with the smell/noise/sight of vomit or vomiting...i'm gutted, once again a good opertunity has been ruined by this :(

by: I understand COMPLETLY

I sigh as I read this because I suffer with this phobia as well. I can kind of see people getting sick on tv and movies but it makes me shaky..I honestly can say that I can't really remember how this phobia even began, I just remember someone getting sick in front of my during elementary and...then ever since I haven't been the same. It feels so great to see that I'm not the only one. I get scared when people cough really family suffers from migraines and they get sick :( I know it isn't contagious but it still messes with me. Another thing, I'm slightly a germaphobic which doesn't help my emetophobia :'( I feel for your pain though! I've been dealing with this for 19 years and it hasn't changed..I wish i could get over it somehow.

Much Better Now...
by: Bobbie

I had this phobia as well. When I was 20 years old, it was at its worst. I heard someone being sick in a parking lot. I experienced an immediate anxiety attack. I rushed home from the store, to the security of my home and then to bed.
From then on, I could barely eat. I tried to force myself to eat, but I lost weight. I felt like I was going to be sick most of the time. At 5'4", I weighed under 100 lbs. I did seek help from a counselor. I didn't tell my counselor about my phobia, but I did work on my anxiety, depression, and feelings of not being in control.
My emetophobia gradually did get a little better. I wish now that I had been honest with my counselor. I might have been helped sooner. After much more therapy; a job in a hospital that I was exposed to vomit more frequently; experiencing more of being sick myself with stomach flues; and needing to clean up after my dog being sick, I am much better now.
For myself, I have found that I spent many years fearing my fear. Its been important for me to "TALK" about my fear. By talking to people I trust, I've taken some of the power away from my fear of emetophobia. I can see how important it is to find that "Yes, we are not alone." I know that we wouldn't wish this phobia on anyone, and at the same time it's comforting knowing that we are not alone. Time has changed this for me.

Same Thing
by: Anonymous

I am 11 and i have had this phobia since i was 7. It is something gthat i feel like people dont understand. They dont get how scared we are? But I have been in my house and everybody would have the stomach virus/ throwing up. and i wouldnt. So what i do is just stay away from it. Wash your hands, touch your eyes mouth or nose as little as possible. And this keep me well 99.9% of the time. I am the same way with a stomach ache. I freaks me out. I even have to make sure all of the people i hang out with feel okay before we do something together.. Hope you guys are doing ok!

by: claire

when i was 5 years old i was really sick and i thought i was going to die i am so scared ever since and i am scarred for life i will never forget about that day and there is a tummy bug in my school and im freaking out and don't know what to do i even asked my mom if i could stay off until it was cleared and i can not stand it i want to hide away from it anyone got any suggestions for me please leave a comment

i just want to commit suicide and im ten!!
by: Maia

It got better, but one night, everything just went downhill.. I freaked out and put a knife to my throat.. good thing my parents werent in my room at the time lol... I used to always scratch my sides, particarly the right, just to distract my body. I would cut myself... anything to stop.. I would pray to God to take me... I hated it and still do.. you ARE NOT alone..

i had this since 7 or 8 too..
by: Anonymous phobiac girl

I really hated it and I thought and still think dying is better than vomiting.. I would pray to God to take me and cut and scratch myself... l

Four years suffering and haven't told a soul
by: Anonymous Girl

I have been emetophobic since Ferbruary of 2008. I remember everything I did, watched, and ate that day. I even remember the day of the week- Tuesday. Anyway, I threw up that night only in third grade, and I was horrified. I haven't thrown up since then. (knock on wood) I am a germaphobe who can't eat the simplest thing such as a raisin without sanitizing my hands in fear that I may contract a virus. I can't stand it on tv or in real life. There's only one exception oddly, and it's a celebrity crush of mine. I don't mind that. I'm ok if the puke isn't actually shown, usually. Anyway, nobody knows that I am emetophobic. But for about 5 months, I would barely eat anything. March to August of 2008 I can bet I didn't gain a single pound, which is horrible for a nine year old. I was basically a mess. Everyone asked what was wrong and why I would not eat but I said I don't know why. Nobody still knows to this day. It's gotten somewhat better, but it's still terrifying to see anyone throw up.

Your Not Alone
by: Anonymous

I have had this phobia for only two years. i dont know how it started but it just did sometimes it would get so bad i would think dying is better than throwing up truth is i was way off. a lot of things are horrible but vomiting is last. I know how it feels and i hate it sometimes it will stop me from eating and even cause me to be really unhealthy through part of my life. i have always been afraid of it but never as bad. and when ever something on tv happens when someone throws up i close my eyes and plug my ears and sometimes leave the room. i just cant stand seeing hearing or smelling it without thinking ill vomit. i hate the feeling of it and it does suck but its nice to know im not alone. no one i know has this problem or phobia so seeing that a lot of people have the same problem makes me relize im not different im just like everyone else.

Your not alone, There is a reason
for your phobia and God has a plan!

As it says in the bible "Your not Alone"

Emetophobe for life
by: Genta

I've been scared of vomiting since before I can remember. I think I became more emetophobic as a 7 year old, when I distinctly remember vomiting in front of my class mates. I cried for ages and both of my parents were at work so I had to stay at school all day. I also get extremely anxious about germs and raw meat, thinking it'll make me sick, I no longer eat chicken. (Not that I had food poisoning from it. But the fact it's so easy to undercook and make anyone sick.)
I am 22 years old and I havent vomited since I was 17. Only yesterday doing a last minute grocery shop, it smelt of vomit near the checkout and now I am absolutely paranoid I'm going to die. Or vomit... which is worse. I drink loads of peppermint tea, as well as ginger tea, I read yoghurt helps build good bacteria in your stomach to fight infections. And my poor boyfriend never hears the end of it. I also deal with nauseating PMS... I think we need a cure. My boyfriend and I want to eventually have a child, but I am so scared of getting morning sickness... I feel like I am a let down to him, but I really hate vomiting.

by: Anonymous

I have the same thing! I am 13 and haven't thrown up since I was 10, but even herring someone say "I have a stomachache" or " I feel like I'm gonna puke" ( even sarcasm) makes me wanna get out of there ASAP. I can't watch movies with it in it, and before I see a movie I say to my friends " does someone throw up in it?" then on a field trip my friend threw up next to me, and I prince up the bus and started crying. Any ideas how to help me?

by: Anonymous

Unfortunatly i have this fear aswell. I have had it since the age of about 12/13. mine started off being scared of being sick in public and then turned into just being sick at all!! i am aswell petrified of this so i know how anyone with this feels. I feel like i cant enjoy my life like everyone else can, cant eat the foods i really want to eat etc but i have a plan... And i am almost certain it will work!!!!!

Next time you think or know ur going to be sick keep yourself extremely calm. Count to ten, breathing excercises and i PROMISE it isnt half as bad! We make the experience of being sick 100000 times worse by getting so worked up becuase if you think about it..its only food you have eaten and its over in less than 10 seconds!

You will be okay guys, it is very unfortunate to have picked up this phobia but if you just rationalize it in your mind im certain we can all get over it!!!! My heart goes out to you all! <3

Emetophobia destorys my life!
by: Anonymous

hey everyone! so i'm really glad that i'm not the only one with the same problems you all discussed! ive had this fear for as long as second grade when i threw up for the first time. i absolutely hated it! now im a junior in highschool and all i ever think about is people throwing up! when i think of this, my stomach gets extremely upset which forces me to go home early or not go to school at all! after i think of other people throwing up, i literally get an anxiety attack and start to shake really bad. i dont eat a lot of meat because i feel like i will throw up which will only repeat the cycle. this fear literally controls my life, and i hate it! :(

by: Anonymous

Today, my science teacher walked out of the room for a min. to check on the kids in the hall and I was looking at my notebook. All of a sudden the class hears a noise that sounds like water being dumped on the floor. We all look over and this girl (who was home sick yesterday) had puked all over her desk, herself, her science notebook, and a lil on the girl next to her. When the teacher got back in we all ran to the back of the room and I saw that she had gotten some on her chair (it was dripping off of it) and it was all over the sides of her mouth and her clothes. I had the worst panick attack ever. I had to go to the nurse and stay there until my last hour, though the puking happened 2 class periods before that. I am SOOOO SCARED to go back to school tomorrow. I dont want it to happen again. Even though I wasn't the one that puked, it was embarrassing for me cuz I started crying and hyperventilating in front of my friends and the rest of the class (including the teacher).
I HATE VOMIT!!!! THERE IS NOTHING WOrSE THAN IT!!!! I am scared that my phobia will NEVER go away. (Get panick attacks often) (But hadn't since the first time a girl had a seizure in my lunch period)

I have emetophobia to
by: Kate

I have this too, and I don't know what to do. I worry about it constantly - I mean it never leaves my mind. Some boys in my class were watching Jackass 3 on their iPod's and 'apparently' it's so disgusting it makes you puke so I'm so worried now!

What have you done to cure it? I was thinking hypnosis but it's REALLY expensive! BTW I'm English!

I'm not the only one
by: Ashley

I thought i was the only one. I can remember every time i have ever seen anyone throw up. I get the shakes and all that when it happens. when i was 10 my dad thought it would be funny to pretend he had vomit in a towel and chase me with it, i ran bare foot down our rock driveway to avoid seeing it or smelling it. if anyone pukes in the floor i wont step there even with shoes on for months. since i have had children its gotten better. i can only handle my childs vomit and sometimes i cry while cleaning it. i dont know how to stop it. if anyone can help me please e-mail me at

AARRRGGGG! Tell me about it!
by: Anonymous

I have this fear too and i hate it. I am 12 and every time anyone says they feel sick, i shake uncontrolably and feel sick myself, and then my dad shouts at me and tells me off. I hate it soooooooo much! Every time i feel sick, or have a tummy ache ever so slightly, i make it way worse because i worry so much. I suffer from panic/anxioty attacks aswell and if i start to feel sick, this accurs aswell! Lately, i have refused to eat my dinner if it has meat in it, because i am worried i will get sick from it and that it will give me food poisening. And also, lately, i have been a complete germ freak! I wash my hands to the point they split and go all dry because i have over washed them, and i am so worried about catching other peoples bugs. I have another problem aswell which i am seeing a special doctor, person for it, and i don't know whether i should ask her if she could help me with it. I HATE having this, i have had it ever since i can remeber and i wish it would go away, it controls my life, what i do, and everything. If i do ask her, i will let all you guys know what she says!

why wont it go away
by: Lou Lou

I have emetaphobia and tbh i dont know exactly where i got it from, i think maybe it was becuase almost every time i threw up it was sudden and unexpected so now i feel like i could just randomly throw up and it scares me to death, i think im getting better at handling it and if some one throws up i would run over needles with bare feet to get away from them, i dont have this fear all the time but i almost have panic attacks when i feel sick just in case... well i dont wanna jinx it. Im only twelve, does anybody know if hypnosis works?


make it stop
by: Anonymous

I get soo soo scared when some one is sick and i hate going to sleep because if i or any of my family get sick they ussualy do it inthe morning, its just the thought of it and i get so scared because it is thee worst feeling in the world to throw up i only get scared at night but i still get so so scared i just want it to go away i want it to stop. i want to get hypnosis to make it go away, when i was younger i had it worse but its come back and i dont wannatell my mum coz im afraid she will be like its not my fualt you have this. the thought of it makes me almost have a panic attack .

I have it too...
by: Summer!!!

I have this never goes away! About a couple weeks ago, i threw up at home, i was so scared that i had to hav my mom in the bathroom with me. after that week i didnt go to skool for about 3 days. I am 10 yrs. old, everyday in class i hav an anxiety attack...which leads to me thinking im gonna vomit! It started when i was about 3 or 4, we were on a school bus in preskool, i started shaking and started to cry...thinking i was gonna vomit becuz the person next to me on the did, after that i couldnt go on the field trip and had to go home. My mom works at my skool, and when i have anxiety/im scared, i go to my moms class room and wont go back to my class, next year wen i go to AMS my mom isnt gonna be do i do? Its mostly in class, im afraid to vomit in front of ppl...i kno how u feel...ive tried theropy since i was 5, yet im 10 and still have it!!! I am close to being kiked out of skool becuz of missing to many skool days, im way behind in math, and history. :( I need help 2!!!

by: Anonymous

I hate that I have this. I have an anxiety disorder & OCD & I don't know what to do. I'm 17 years old. I took zoloft when I was 13 then they switched me to effexor & then pristiq. When I turned 16 I Stopped taking them & now it's been a year. I have this fear again & I just can't do it anymore. I had my first panic attack in 3rd grade. It was horrible I don't even know why I got one. But then when I turned 11 we found out it was genetic. My dad has this crap too. My brother & sister didn't get it. Idk why I was the choseen one. They drink & drink & drink with no emetophobia. But I totally stay away from beer & I can't eat in the morning before going to doctor gave me zoloft but I'm scared to take them again. I miss so much school. I have a concert next month & I'm getting more anxious idk if I can perform in front of all those people at my school. So I guess it's back to zoloft. I just wanna die.

I agree
by: Mikaela

Im 10 and im very scared of vomiting, i think i have emetophobia, because the smell,look and the thought of it makes me feel scared. When a family member who lives with me gets sick, i cant even look at them, even though i love them, because im very affectionate. I cry and cry when i vomit, and I panic and sweat like crazy when i feel like im going to be sick, i sometimes even have nightmares! I would really like to overcome my fear, but im not definite i even have this phobia! I am young but im much maturer than any of my friends, i swear! Im nearly 11 anyway. My friends agree and their really supportive, but my family sometimes tease me. I still have nightmares about my little sis (6 yrs old) We both had a bath, and she was lying on my bed and then she stood up and said she was gunna be sick, so i started panicking, like OMG OMG OMG, quick run no please dont, but anyway, i lead her to my own bathroom and i stood there, like literally glued to the floor. Then i saw her gagging, so i quickly slammed the door, and then tried to overcome my fear by opening the door, but that made it worse, and my sister was bawling her head off, vomit all in the sink. I screamed and ran around the house tellin everyone that my sister had been sick, they thought i was hurt because i was screaming! It then took me about 3 weeks to even go near the bathroom, and i had about 4 or 5 nightmares that night, (i was 10 when this happened) Im just so sick of it, and so scared, i really wish that i could overcome this. The funny thing is also that i haven;t been sick in ages, i just keep praying that i won't if i feel sick, and sometimes it works. PLEASE HELPPP MEEE!

by: someone lol

urgh! i hate this stupid thing! when i was 5 i think i had some kind of bug, and threw up everywhere in class. i burst into tears and all i can remember was holding a brown paper bag in the school office... now when im older, bugs are going around and when they are, i wash my hands every so often, and if one of my family members are sick i try and stay away from them best i can. my mum knows how i feel, she hasn't got it though. it does controll my life tbh, i get a tummy ache everyday in class and i just whisper to myself "please dont let me be sick" and it's so annoying! i guess im scared of catching a bug and gettign that tummy ache and then throwing up everywhere! it rules my life so much! though i can watch ppl on telly and stuff, because i know i won't catch it! GRR ITS TERRIBLE!! :(

by: Ashh

i have this too. i use to be fine with it but one night my sister threw up and i was accross from her and i started feeling dizzy and shaking and i threw up too. now if i feel sick i panic and clutch my throat as if it will stop it, and if someone else is throwing up then i'll shake uncontrollably. i cover my ears and sing really loud in my head or hum loudly. i hate it, and i really wanna sort my phobia out.

i'm with u
by: girl28

I am 28 yrs. old and i suffer from the same thing! I don't fear myself vomiting, but to see someone else do it scares me to death. I think it started when i was about 4 yrs old and i saw Poltergeist 2 when the monster came out of Craig T. Nelson's mouth, b/c i thought it was vomit! A true oh so real irrational fear! I avoid carnival rides, schools, or n e where ther are alot of kids! When i was in grade school i would see this boy have seizures and it would make him throw up, also I feared riding the bus b/c someone always did it!! I hate it and I'm glad that someone understands my fear!

I hate it sooo much
by: ngonz

i don't know how long ago this was posted but i will still comment. My brother gets motion sickness and he is very violent when he vomits. I am actually 20 years old and havent thrown up since i was 4, i did in the fourth grade but it was clear and it tasted like water. but yeah, its really debilitating. I used to be anemic and underweight because i didn't eat much because i feared vomiting. I work at a movie theater and i had to clean up throw up, i told my manager to never make me clean it again, that i would rather clean poop than vomit. I hate it so much, sometimes at night i can't stop feeling anxiety even to the point that i want to die. I don't know if i can ever have kids because kids barf alot and well morning sickness scares me. Ugh! why does this have to exist!
but i really understand you, everytime somebody vomits i run away, close my eyes, and cover my ears. If there is a God, I truly hope he can cure all of us from this phobia.

my life in a nutshell from my phobia
by: joey

i have had this phobia since the summer of 08 we went and ate at a chicken resteraunt i started to feel sick we were in tampa at busch gardens i was forced onto rides to have fun but tht whole time i thought i was gonna throw honestly i think i have the worst case i think sometimes about 8 years ahead and think how the heck am i gonna do tht with EMA im 13 and tests are comin up CRCT 2 hour test how am i gonna do this i have definitely had/have suicidal thoughts i have them everyday im just glad ppl go through this torture with me and im glad to release this

i remember those times...
by: Anonymous

Hi, you know what that used to happen to me, but it actually started when i was 6 and my mom was chocking on her on vomit and everybody was running back and forth to help her their was a lot of chaoss then they took her to the bathoroom and i had to see everything. So when my time came when i was 7 i feared the same thing happening to me. it was i horrible thing because i would run as quickly as i could and cover my ears and yell really bad at the person not to come near me or sometimes in the middle of the night i would go out on the streets and wont come back till a while ago, and wont use that bathroom in many months. i wouldnt drink eat at night nothing so i wouldnt get sick, which i lasted around 8yrs without puking.
But i dotnt know when it started going away maybe i have like around two years beacuse i remember getting drunk and i started feeling sick and i didnt care just enjoyed the moment i was aaah if i puke i dont care, then knocked out on the bed with my drunk cousin next to me facing face to face then she threw up on the bed and i just started laughing really bad and i didnt move just slept right there.
Some other ocasions have happend also and i just get nausiated but dont freak out anymore. Thank god it whent away around some 2yrs ago now that im 18 TODAY YAY!!!!! lol . I can say that im really happy that it stopped already on time before it restrained me from doing many things later in life

I have emetophobia too :(
by: Paige

When I was in 1st grade I was eating lunch in the cafeteria and the boy across from me at my table threw up all over his tray. Ever since that day I've been deathly afraid of vomiting/seeing or hearing people vomit. I'm 17 years old and my phobia hasn't gotten any better... in fact, its only gotten worse. My family and I took a vacation to Mexico last summer to visit some family. The altitude made me sick and i threw up for 2 days straight. I can honestly say that those were the worst 2 days of my life... I hadn't thrown up since I weas 8. I was completely hysterical those 2 days. I kept screaming and saying that I want to die because I couldn't handle vomiting. This phobia controls my life. I fear going to school, especially in the winter because that's when the flu bug always comes around here. Last year I missed 20 days of school because so many people were sick. I had to have my friends pick up all of my assignments so I could do them at home. I avoid going out in public because I fear being around someone that may throw up. I don't know what to do about this and it makes all of my friends and family worry about me a lot. I take comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one that as this fear, but I wish that there was some way to remove it. I've heard that the only way to get rid of emetophobia is to watch videos of people throwing up. There is absolutely NO WAY i could do that... ever. :/

I thought I was alone
by: Hilary

Oh my goodness. I didn't know that so many people shared the same fear as I do. It's so hard having this phobia. When I was in elementary school, all the kids would tease me and pretend to barf and make noises. Sometimes, when a kid would puke, I would run to the corner of the room, hold my ears shut, sing to myself, and start crying. It wasn't as bad when my mom worked at my school and I would just leave the class and go to my moms room. I would be too afraid to go on class field trips because I know that someone would get sick and I know with my luck, it would be the person sitting right next to me. When someone on television throws up, I have to mute it until it's over. I have endless puking stories that I could share but I don't have the room. My problem started when I was Seven years old. I was Six when I first experienced someone who puked right next to me. I helped them clean it up and I just thought that brains and chocolate milk came out of their mouth. Then someone explained to me that it was throw up and then I started getting anxious about it. When I felt nauseated, I would scratch my arm really bad, I still do occasionally. My parents used to put oven mitts on me when I was sick so I wouldn't do it. As I matured, school got a little more comfortable for me, I didn't worry about someone puking in class or on the bus anymore. Now that I go out to parties, my tolerance to throwing up has changed. I still can't be in the room while someone is puking, but I can see it after. Point is, the last time I threw up was when I was 4 in pre-school. Ever since then, I thought it was really weird that I have never thrown up. (knock on wood) It truly scares me.

Your not alone!
by: Lenci

Just to let everyone know OPRAH did a show on phobias a few years ago and the throw up phobia was #4 on the top ten list. So this means that out of all the phobias that exsist there are only three others above ours. We are not freaks and we are definately not alone!!

F my life!!!
by: Anonymous

i have the same problem i can see alot of people do but you dont really come across people who have the same problem. except this school year my teacher has the same problem and she has helped me alot and guess wat...SHE IS COMPLETELY CURED she nevers has panic attacks anymore she is living a normal life. she is my inspiration to get up in the morning im 15years old and ive had this ever since i was 4 i have panic attacks daily, one time during science this was like in feburary was were going over the digestive system and my teachers knew about my problem so when kids started asking questions about it my teacher told me to cover my ears and then my neighbor yelled out its cause she is scared of vomit and everyone started making barfing noises at me it was humiliating i immediatly started crying and ran out of the room i ran to my teacher and she held me and told me everything was gonna be ok i couldnt go to my afternoon classes cause i was that worked up i have realized now that i cant live in fear anymore i have thought about suicide, but then realized that wasnt the answer i am going to a phyciatrist on friday and seeking help through medication

by: Anonymus

yeah the same thing happens to me
but me im in 12th grade also but couple months ago i threw up from a virus going on here.
But since 8 grade 2 grade was the last time i threw up because it was so terrible my fear that i would take care a lot...
but now its not as bad. I also didn't know the name of it thats y i went online to look 4 it.
So i understand all the stories that happen 2 u guys.

I hate this phobia!
by: Anonymous

My little brother gets motion sickness. When he throws up, it disgusts me so much I start crying! When someone throws up in front of me, I am scared I'll get sick. I didn't even know there was an actual name to my problem! When I was on an airplane coming back from my trip to Australia, my little brother had thrown up that morning from food posining. On the airplane, in his sleep, he coughed and threw up. It almost touched me! He stayed asleep. Fortunately there was an extra seat in the row behind us, so I could sit there. In first grade, a girl threw up, and I cried the rest of the day and begged my Mom to pick me up from school. In third grade, I threw up right in front of the classroom door. Every time I throw up I cry. When I geta stomach ache, I get nervous that I am sick. I am 12 and the last time I threw up I was 9 in fifth grade. I HATE THROWING UP!

Me Too...
by: Grace

I am 14 and i also suffer from it, and hate it!
I have had it since i was about 3 and i don't know how to get rid of it.

Like you i go mad if anyone metions feeling sick or i freek if they acctually are sick.

I know this sounds crazy but i have a wierd habbit of scratching my arm when i pannick but dont try it lol cus it doesn't really help even though i think it does.

At the moment there is a sickness bug going round my house and i am so scared of getting it that i have been stopping myself from eating so that i won't be sick :-(


Me too...
by: Siena


My name is Siena, and i suffer from this too. I am such a germy freak and i am sooooo afraid of this that it's taking over my life. And i'm only 13! it sucks, and i need help, but i'm rite there with you. if anyome out there can help me in some way, please e-mail me at:
crushes10 at


Me too
by: Juniper

I hate very bad emetophobia too. I knock myself out when I feel sick and when I hear people vomit, or see them vomit or smell it I totally freak out! I start crying hysterically and calling my grandmother to come pick me up. I'm only ten. Last time I threw up was in the same grade as you did.

A few months ago my phobia got even worse because I got this horrible flu and my fever made my feel sick when I stood up so I knocked myself out and my sister got it and was throwing up a lot and I was crying because my mum said it was the ... I don't think I can say it, but I just hope that I don't get sick EVER!!!!

by: Bray

I've had this phobia for as long as I can remember. I think it started when I was around four or so. I'm about to turn sixteen but as a child, I vomited at least once a month (poor immune system) and I can tell I'm going to get sick at least twenty minutes in advance.

The past few years have been much better but I still can't handle when others are sick. I didn't realize there were many other people with this problem. It's comforting to know someone else shares the same symptoms.

This fear controls me
by: Philly

I have this fear too, except I know where it was rooted from. when I was around seven, I was watching The Simpsons. bart "threw up" and his heart came out of his stomach. I was mortified, even when I grew up and realized that it wasn't possible, I still had and have had emetophobia.

I 've only thrown up twice since then (because of food poisoning) and every single time I cried when I did. I can't help it, I go through the same things you do. I hate it. I wish it would go away...

That totally stinks..
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry that you have to experience this at your age. Teen years are tough enough without feeling like you're "different" in any way. I am 31 and have emetophobia. I also hate having it. People don't realize how it can really take over your life.

I haven't found a cure yet, but I can tell you that you are not alone. You're also not that "different." Emetophobia is one of the top ten phobias in the world, and if life has taught me anything, it's that EVERYONE has some type of phobia.

So, those people giving you a hard time...well they have their fears, too. At least ours isn't something boring like fear of spiders, snakes, the dark, etc. :):) So have heart, you just got creative with what you're afraid of. Take care and good luck!

by: Anonymous

i understand you very well because what happens to you happens to me too.
the last time i threw up was when i was 7 and i'm 17. my friends used to make fun of me,
but know the new friends i have i don't tell them so they don't make fun of me.
but what totally freaks me out is that sometime in my life that's gona happen to me.

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