I have cleisiophobia, fear of being locked

by Jade Sole
(Austin TX)

ok, so i have cleisiophobia which is fear of being locked in a room or small space. well, i cant even go into a bathroom stall. i just hold it. my house has a occupied and decent sign, but no lock. well one day my old friend from high school and i where going to a hotel. and we where going swiming at the pool at the hotel. well, the door to the pool, which is on the roof of the hotel. was a double doors, that open to a small space to some more double doors, then out to the pool. After we where done swimming, we walked over to the double door that lead to the small space to the second pair of double doors. we put the card in the slot thingie and nothing. the doors didnt budge. she tried agian. nothing. and agian. nothing. and agian and agian and agian to the point when we where both about to start going insane. so we tried to go out the other set of doors back to the pool and take the elevator. but nothing. we where trapped. it took me a minute to realize it but then it hit me. we where locked. in this tiny space. with nothing but googles and towels. in our bikinis. i started to have a huge phobia attack. i started screaming and yelling. pushing at the walls. finally i was at the point that i was sweating and i was starting to lose my heart rate. my eyes rolled up into the back of my head and i fainted. i woke up 2 minutes later and my friend was pacing back and forth in space she had. i jerked but and started screaming at the top of my lungs. then some hope came. a family was coming to go swimming. they came dashing at the doors when they saw me crying sweating and screaming. they put there card in on the other side and the doors unhatched and they opened. i flew my arms out like a bird then collapsed to crowd letting the carpet soak up my tears and sweat. my friend explained to the family about my phobia and they unstood and was glad they could help. we warned them about the doors and went to go tell the manager as well.
we where stuck in there for 23 minutes. stupid cleisiophobia...

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