I Have Astrophobia

by nathalie

I first got my astrophobia a couple of months ago and i was at my grandmas house.there was tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings in our area.we didnt know this and we were sitting on the back patio eating lunch like nobodies business.

Out of nowhere the sky turned dark and it started to sprinkle.then outside we thought that lighting struck the roff because of the loud niose. It was so loud that it popped my eardrum. Then it hit agian.and again.and agian. Then finally it came one after after another.then it started to downpour.then hail.this storm hit so hard, that my ears felt like they were going to explode from the noise of the hail of the roof.the a huge funnel cloud formed right over the house. All off this happend within 5 seconds.

My dad screamed from the top of his lung to find a secure place inside.i paniced and my sister started to cry.the loud from outside was so loud it made it seem like tornado was right by the house.the wind was crazy. And thr hail was so hard that it blew out all of the screen windows.(and mind you that all of the windows possible were open).

All of the hail and rain started to pour over the house.i was laying on the couch not knowing what to do and shaking like ive never shaken before.my grandma and my aunt were pleading with hope. My sister under the table crying.i was never that scared in my life. Then it stopped.everyone was so relieved that no one was hurt.

Now when ever there is a storm even the slightest sprinkle i panic and start to shake and think of everything bad that could possibly happen. Im to embarssed to admitt it to my friends.

And when ever there is warnings of a storm, i cancell all of my plans and spend the whole day in my house on the chiar worrying.tomorrow there is suppose to be a storm and i am terrified.

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