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Wish I could get support for this
by: redwhyblue

It maybe a harsh thing to say, but I'm glad i'm not alone. I hate believing that I am the only one tortured with these thoughts. Infinity is misery for me. I hate thinking about it, it ruins my life. I wish we could all talk about it in person, I don't know if there is a way out, i wish there was. If anyone cares to talk, i do have messenger on h o t m a i l, my name is "guzmex" on there. Would love to chat with someone who has my same fears. In fear I live.

by: Anonymous

The idea of a soul living on forever and ever seems pointless and burdensome if you stop and think about it. The idea of my life suddenly coming to an end with nothing more but my ashes is just as terrifying. How can I find a "Middle" way?!

no subject
by: Anonymous

I've never been able to relate to something so much. I do and feel all of it, with the exception of the shower thing.

same here
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing with the nails part..expect it'd be in anything that I touch,I'd have to do the same with the other part of my body.
also the fear of dying and nothing happening after it..just being dead, forever.

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