I have an irrational, paranoid fear of clowns.

by Ivey
(Ashland, OH)

My name is Ivey and I am 13 now. I have an irrational, paranoid fear of clowns.

A few weeks ago I went with my friend Jenica to a festive in Shiloh. Ohio. Her parents have an airbrushing booth. It was early in the day, before the night rush came in and he band started.

Before going to the festivle I had repetedly asked, "Are you sure there's no clowns there? Or mimes? I reeeeaaaallllyyyy don't like clowns Jen..." after the 5th time I think I was starting to annoy her. She assured me that Shiloh probably couldn't afford a clown anyway. SO I was happy, and excited about watching all the people.

As I was saying, it was early in the day and not many people had arrived. I was perched on a rolling chair. One usually used in offices Etc. I was rolling myself in and out of the booth and onto the path beyond. Jen's mother Debbie saw what I was doing and what was about to happen and warned me. "Don't do that." she told me. I stopped what I was doing and cocked my head. "Why?" I asked.
Then, I felt something behinde me. I turned around slowly and there behinde me was a big ole giant clown! I was terrified. I jumped from my possition and ran under my friends legs. She is about 6ft. 2in. I ran under her chair and screamed at the clown with all my might. "Go away!!!!" I yelled again and again.

By now tears were streaming down my face and people were staring. The clown decided he wanted to cheer me up. He smiled that creepy and chilling clown smile and started walking tward me I screamed more and more. And tried to bury myself under the chair which seated my friend. "Please go!" Jen yelled. "She doesn't like clowns." I was bawling and the clown had lumbered away leaving me under Jen's chair going "IS he gone? Is he gone?"

I really hate clowns. Is there any way I can get over this fear without spending money on therepy sessions?

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