I have an intense fear of Google Earth, Needles, and deep sea fish

by Ker

I've had an extream fear of needles my entire life and I think it started because my dad used to scrape splinters out of my fingertips with a needle and the feeling of being pricked consistantly in a sensitive area is the most nausiating feeling in the world. To this day I'm scared of shots and watching diabetics prick their fingers to check their blood sugar.

I'm scared of the kind of sea creatures at the bottom of the ocean. Electric fish in areas so deep in the ocean that no light shines through. Eels with their wrinkled knowledgeable grandmother faces and beady Will Ferrel eyes. Coral...because it should be just a plant but it just kind of moves on its own.

I'm scared of earth worms as well, they're exsistance doesn't make sense, they move weird and they smell like wet dogs when it rains and they don't have the fur in order to have that ability in the first place.

I'm deathly afraid of Google Earth. My stomach flips when I open the program and see the world spin around and zoom in. I think its the idea that we don't think about the fact that we live on a huge planet that floats in space. So seeing the fact that we do and it zooms in to show you how your just a spec in the universe is terrifying. Just thinking about google earth makes me sick, I can't even write this anymore.

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