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Google earth phobia
by: Ellen

It is great to know I am not alone, since the first time I saw GE I was scared as hell and almost nobody understands. Some people here have described very well how I feel, although I can handle most of it, the spinning part and the looking at it with the space as a background makes me crazy.

Weird Fear
by: Roxanne

I'm glad I found people who feel the same. When it zooms in too fast I have to look away. The worst thing I have done is search for Mount Everest, it zooms in right to the peak of the mountain and it bloody horrifies me. I feel like Im falling.
When I first got google earth I didn't have this issue so I don't know how its come about. I was on street view once near my home and half of the screen wouldnt load so there was a view of the street then half cut off into greyness. I had to look away from that aswell, just looked like an abyss!

Anyone know what might be causing it? I really confuses me!

it looks creepy
by: blah blah

Oh I´m not only one,that´s good!I am also scared looking near the ocean.I don´t know why I´m scared of it.It could be called googlearthofobia.Just kidding!Oh,yes I explored the Mt.Everest,but the ocean is still more creepy!

by: Jasmine

It's weird! I don't like looking at satellite images either. I squirm when they suddenly pop up. I especially don't like looking at mountain ranges. I think the terrain is too wrinkly and my eyes just can't handle that kind of view. I'm okay at looking at satellite images of towns and buildings... but when it comes to mountains...ugh!

I've never used Google Earth nor do I want to. O_O

by: MRM

Its a huge relieved to know that I'm not the only one who experiencing this weird phobia... I also fear pictures of deep water, dark tall trees (dark forest, mountains especially Mt.Everest.

oh by the way the fear of deep sea is called lassophobia

Driving on a moving earth
by: Anonymous

sometimes a conscious thought of earth as revolving creates a panic when i am driving... feels extremely fearful of looking if the the earth is going to burst.... relieved to know that others are around with similar phobia..

You have a mild form of agoraphobia
by: Anonymous

Agoraphobia... can be a fear of crowds; often simply a fear of open spaces. The Google Earth phobia is very, very common and may be the only manifestation of your phobia. Your physical reality is based on reference points of locations and known distances. In a situation like Google Earth, you lose all those reference points and end up feeling out-of-control and powerless. Anxiety follows.

If your very mild agoraphobia only appears with Google Earth, you really don't have a problem needing professional attention.

So I'm not the only one?
by: Anonymous

Ever since I've been alive, I have always freaked out when using ge. Mainly what scares me is when I accidentally zoom in really fast on the ocean or something pure black. I literally jump back like" HOLY SHIZ OMG!" My dad said it's been that way my whole life. It doesn't have to be ge though it also happens when I zoom in on any image with just one color really fast.

by: poly

OMG!!im glad to see that i'm not the only one with this weird feel...i'm really scared of google earth whenever it zooms in and the way it moves.....its really scary!!!

by: Anonymous

I thought I was really weird for being scared of google earth! Whenever I see it my heart freaks out and I close the window as fast as possible. Same for when I use a map on the internet and it gets zoomed all the way out by accident. When it's on sattelite it's worse, I can bear to look at a sattelite image of a town, but not my whole country, I get scared when there's water or when it zooms.
And I have no idea why. It's sort of the sensation of falling in, I think. I can look at a picture of the earth in space. I can look at satellite images when they're not on the computer but printed. I'm not afraid of water, I love swimming. It's just weird.

Light Headed
by: Lisa

When I look at the ocean on GE I feel like I need to grab on to something and hold on so I don't fall. I get light-headed and queasy. I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only one with this affliction! Took me a long time to find any site that dealt with this. Grateful to all who share this weird malady for writing on this site!

More of an unease
by: MW

I love Google Earth. I am a geography and history nut and I find it fascinating. However, while I wouldn't call it a phobia per se, I experience a definite unease when I use if I shouldn't be able to see the things I am seeing. I am someplace I shouldn't be. Like I am astro-planing. I often dreamed I could fly, maybe that is it? It is more pronounced when I put things in motion, less so when I am close up over land. I do not get this experience while in flight, on a boat or when I look at globes. I think is the realism, and the point of view that GE creates- there is a mild panic- an adrenaline rush that I won't get back- sort of a guilt that I shouldn't be seeing this. Maybe this a view our souls do see? Maybe I've seen this before- it's like I am fooling around with something I shouldn't be. But my curiosity always wins out!

by: Anonymous


so glad
by: Anonymous

google earth is so scary but the worst is zooming in to the London eye! try it (you will hate it!!!)

Google Earth
by: Claire

Seems like the Google Earth is a common phobia! I got treatment for this while getting treatments for other phobias (including needles too!)
Main fears on Google Earth are zooming into the ocean, zooming into famous monuments and looking at the sky on streetview.
Thankfully not as bad as I used to be though!

Fear of life
by: Anonymous

Sometimes it's difficult to look at the earth that we are only use to standing on. Above the planet is a view of this great world that brings terror to my eyes. The lines in a corn field from above is just to much for me. The discoloration of antartica and it's melting ice. Some Ice has holes in it that makes it all look like swiss cheese and if you could just imagine a BIG slab of whitness with a baby blue outline but within the white of it all are thousands of perfectly dark circles all over it. YES that's what makes me want to jump up from my desk and free myself from the image. I couldn't imagine waking up stranded in a little raft in the vast ocean that I see on google earth. With all of it's deep dark trenches and what seems like underwater mountains. What lives down there is what I think. I just feel like i'm trapped in the middle of the ocean in a raft that's losing air and underneath me I can feel something nudging my back and legs from under the boat. SHEESH!! Im done! 10...9....8......7...6. LOL Anxiety.

Drives me crazy
by: Ty

Google Earth also affects me to a point where it makes me jump so intensely that I have dropped my laptop before. For me it starts out with curiousity because it is within our human nature to want to explore and see things we have never seen before. The way the earth spins when you first open the program and the yellow outline of the continents. The unique color of the ocean and ultimately the blackness of space behind the planet is what really puts me on edge. Once you zoom in it happens so fast that I feel like I am falling with it. Then the pixels undo themselves right over the ocean and I see the terrain of the coastline with deep dark trenches and uneven underwater islands that rise up but never over the surface. Then there's the dark patches of ocean which means If I am trapped out there in a little boat it is insanely deep. YEAH! That's how I feel about it.

Fear of big water
by: Anonymous

I'm also a bit queasy about using Google Earth. For me its something about the sea, same as others here - the whole vastness of it. I feel like I'm lost, its dark and too quiet and there are no boundaries or edges to touch in any direction for miles and miles.

Even when I went to the NASA space centre in Houston, TX, they showed us a very large pool used for training astronauts, like 5 times bigger than a standard pool, and that made me feel the same - like I want to back away, makes my legs crawl from the ankle up! Having said that I love the seaside:)

google earth
by: Anonymous

Try zooming into a random place in russia, or at mount everest, nearly had a heart attack

google earth
by: Anonymous

I have a huge fear of looking at the ocean on satellite images on google earth. The colour of it and the random dark blue patches in the ocean really freak me out and I have to close the window because I just can't look at it. Also, looking down at tall buildngs is reeeally scary aswell.

how brilliant is this?
by: Anonymous

Everyone with the same instinctual reaction. The interesting question is "why"? An intense fear of loneliness? Loss of the reliability of our existence? Did you know that humans become insane if left in isolation too long? What does this say about space travel? Really, really interesting how we react.

Scared of Google Earth
by: Anonymous

Aah... relieved to find other feel the same. I am toooooooo scared of the earth revolving with that great speed and the intense zooming.. may be this is right that we all know earth is huge and then it revolving in front of us with that creepy black screen and blue earth... it scares the shit of out of me...though i am a big time user of stuff like this but still it freaks me out. For the first time when i saw it revolving. i almost jumped off the chair and skipped a beat or two... But not sure whay this phobia exists in me..

Deep Sea Creatures
by: Anonymous

Oh I hate Deep Sea Creatures...
There's things down there with lights!!!
Weird wormy things
HUGE black unseeing eyes...
I don't like them at all

by: Anonymous

I'm terrified of googleearth.You see,the 1st time I used google earth was just for fun since it was just released,and I ended up using that 3D version,and zoomed in an area near iceland/scandinavia or somwwhere in north europe,and I got freak out!I'm pretty sure if you see all that creepy-color ocean/icebergs/forest/mountains you will be freak out too!It was kinda like a feeling of loneliness/breathless...I really wanna discribe my feeling well but its just so hard,its like somewhere on earth are whole new/unfamiliar area that you would never EVER think about,ther are weird,cold,and deep...Sometimes I got this feeling also for universe and ocean,I guess this is sort of fear for unknown world/Super giant things....or whatsoever.It's not that intense,but it really get on my nerves and everytime I see it I get scared/fast heartbeat/thirsty,and I wanna runaway.That's basic all about me,I guess its called astrophobia.

i hope you can relate to this google earth phobia!
by: alexa

i just downloaded google earth, and man that thing is terrifying! i cant look when its zooming or like anything unless its just onj a house, i dont feel sick but ill have like a panic attack or jst freak out. its not vertigo coz im really good with movement and stuff. i think its something to do with just the size of the earth its so huge and that freaks me out that it just goes on for ages and ages, but when your on google earth you can see it all in a few seconds, ahh so freaky its hard to explain though. i also used to have this fear of being in deeep water, nothing to do with sharks coz that doesnt botter me, just the sheer thought of it being deep and big and wondering how far it goes down sorta stuff its soo scary dont know why. gosh (shiver)...

by: Anonymous

OMG i never thought i would find others with this kind of phobia!that's weird but good :)

im so glad!!!
by: Anonymous

omg i am so happy i have found others who are scared of earth programs like that >< for me im just scared when a see like a 3d picture of EARTH!! it frightens me i start to panic inside my bf makes fun of me cause i live on earth duh but i just cant see it....i used to have a program for windows millenium that showed u earth and it had creepy music and u can click anywhere and learn stuff about that country that freaked me out alot...also like in movie that show earth so pretty detailed i panic...i guess its cause im also scared of space cause its empty no where to grab and hide sorry i ranted but yay!!!! =')

by: Mrt85

As far as i'm readin ther might be different reasons to feel anxious while browsin Google Earth. I for example am really scared when i zoom in the middle of the ocean or the big forest, desert, antarctica

by: Anonymous

Omg i agree this! im really glad to see there is other people...and im really really scared of google earth and some space simulations.This so weird and horrible thing :S

by: Anonymous

omg quite recently my dad downloaded google earth 4 our pc before it woz fine but then like when i started using it i got really scared of the way it spins and zooms in2 the earth, especially the ocean i dnt like it coz it just scares me i also dnt like looking from the top of buildings oh yh u no wen u try 2 zoom in and sometimes the pc is slow so then it doesnt and then when it does... it just freaks me out omg i dnt no how 2 stop this fear

I agree
by: Anonymous

I agree it really freaky when you think about it and see it on google, glad to see there is other people who agree.

Google Earth
by: Nick

I agree... I can handle looking around the map from a close distance but once I'm zooming in or zooming out or moving really fast around the globe I get extremely nauseous and have to look away. Plus when I zoom in on my house I'm pretty sure the pinkish thing in the backyard is me... creepy.

google earth
by: carla

i have the exact fear of google earth as you do the hole 3D spinning round object on a black backgroung just freaks me out

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