I have an extremely fear of dogs(acute cynophobia)

by Raúl
(Puerto Rico, U.S.A. )

Hello,my name is Raúl. I have an extremely fear of dogs or acute cynophobia.

My problems with dogs began when I have seen stories about dog bites from other people that sometimes are deadly and traumatizing,specially on the T.V.programs "When Good Pets Go Bad" and "When Animals Attack",and the great thing,my dad does not want dogs anymore at home,and the other great thing,feeding and keeping a dog is hard for me.

Oftentimes,when I see a dog,whether is missing or lost in the streets,growling and barking at
the same time,specially when they do it by surprise,I get hostile,rude(I use the D-word,the F-word and the S-word in Spanish),mean,desperate
I fidget,alter,sob,pant,shake,I tell the dogs to stay away from me,and even when some dogs seem inofffensive and quiet,I get spooked due the fact the dogs bark and growl.

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