I have an extemely fear of thunder and lightning(acute brontophobia)

by Raúl
(Urb.Dorado del Mar)

My name is Raúl.I am an American Citizen born in Puerto Rico.I have an exreme fear of thunder and lightning or acute brontophobia.

When I traveled to N.Y.and watched a baseball game with my family in 1986,after a nice day with a bright sun(I do not remember the teams were taken on)a severe thunderstorm came by.When all that happened,I covered my eyes because I did not want to see the flashes and I did not want to hear the thundering noises,until the storm passed by.

When I worked at Supermercados Amigo/Wal-Mart,when thunderstorms pass by,i wanted to hide into the restrooms.

And,when I drive a car and I see dark clouds facing me,I always U-turned so I do not pass the dark clouds of rain,thunder and lightning,whether is night or day.

So,as a result,during the summer in Puerto Rico,I watch the channels 2(Telemundo),4(Wapa T.V.),or 11(Univisión of Puerto Rico),even the Weather Channel,because I am extremely concerned about weather issues and getting caught on showers and t-storms,isolated or scattered.

Due of that fact I am extremely scared of T-storms,I do not play golf nor go to the beach or pools during summer.

I play golf after the hurricane season from June 1 thru November 30(December thru May).

When it comes at home,I always hide in a bathroom,and when it is overnight,during a sleep,I wake up and I hide in a bathroom.

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