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by: Anonymous

I too, am constantly checking my computer WEATHER. My life revolves around the weather. When the weather is unstable, I'm unstable. I've always been scared of lightning, but I'm 68 and it's gotten worse. I sometimes sit up all night in a 24HR. market so I will have other adults around me. I don't know what to do. I've mentioned it to a few people but they have no cluenhow deeply terrorized I am. I feel some comfort if I have another adult with me but it's not always possible so I sit up in the market or ride the bus. It's exhausting.

you are not alone I live in Ireland
by: Anonymous

Hello, my name is Rosie, I am a single lady of 60, very attractive [im told] yet my life has been ruined by an unrelenting fear of Thunder/lightning storms. I also have an obsession with them and watch daily, at least 10 Weather forecasts and can sense when a storm is around I seem to become very 'electrified' with my hair and a weird feeling in my head. I have gone for therapy, Hypnosis, spent alot of money I dont have on 'treatments' to no avail, without success. I have lost menfriends and women friends because of this stupid fear that I am so so ashamed of sharing. I have told some people and they seem to think its just a phobia but to me, it rules my life I become extremely terrorised during a storm but dont exhibit fear by screaming, instead my insides usually come out and I need to go to the loo the fear is really unbearable and I feel alone .
I live alone so if its at night, I dread it, leaving lights on so as not to see the blue of the flashes. I take lots of sedation and dont care if I live or die to be honest during the storm.
I have cancelled dates, lost jobs, not gone to sun places [holidays] all because of this obsessive phobia. I agree with the lady who said its to do with guilt. I am a lapsed Catholic and my grandma reared me, she used to say during a thunderstorm that 'God is angry with the world' it was a punishment. I was taught to fear it but Im grown up now and cant blame forever. Ir really feel my life would be 100per cent better without this and its getting worse as I get older.

You are not alone!
by: Babs

Having read these comments, I can identify 100% with your fear. I have suffered with the same phobia now for nearly 50 years! I do remember a time when I was very young when I liked thunder and lightning, I think I was around 5 years old and then something happened, I think it was my parents who were quite strict catholics - I would put money on you being a catholic also, or having been brought up in that religion! who used to tell me not to mock what they described as the wrath of god!! A lot of brontophobia sufferers are catholics.

I also want to get away from the lightning and the sound of the thunder and go into windowless rooms if I can to get away.

I wish I could find a cure, I know it is an irrational fear and I find it an embarrassment when in public. I would love to be a storm chaser and enjoy the sight and sound of a thunderstorm.

You are not alone my friend, there are thousands and thousands of us with this fear.


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