I have a total and utter phobia of rotting dairy products.

This phobia of rotting dairy products actually quite severe. I cannot even think of off milk, or rotting cheese, or yoghurt that is off. i actually cannot. its gotten to the point where i am paranoid that milk and yoghurt is off, even if it is not or i dont smell it being off, i cannot consume it. i have not drank milk for months and never mind having a yoghurt. i swear, my friends think im crazy, but i actually cant even put milk in my coffee of tea, or in my cereal. I think it orginated a couple of months ago, when i made my morning coffee with milk and i drank half of the mug, then noticing that there was horrible milky lumps in it, and i smelt it and it stank. i actually had to run to the bathroom when i was writing this. i just feel so sick. and since then, i cant drink milk. and the yoghurt thing is from a few years back, when i opened a yoghurt, to find myself munch of green chewy bits and i about died. i physically cant think about it. is there a name for this? im a rational person i like to think, but i just cant get past this phobia of rotting dairy products. thanks.

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