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I hate bathrooms and mirrors
by: Anonymous

I hate going into my bathroom particularly at night, and I hate looking into mirrors by myself.
I have my own en suite bathroom and some times I have to go to the bathroom on the other side of the house nearer to my family.
I also don't like getting up in the dark by myself at night, and one time I had to run out of the room, for no apparent reason.
Anyone else have the same problem?

dark bathrooms!
by: Justin

I HATE dark/dimly lit bathrooms. All started in kindergarten, the bathroom had a wall about 8-10 feet behind the door, you had to turn right and go around it. On the other side of the wall the left side had a bunch of mirrors the other side had the stalls/urinals. If a row of lights were burned out in the back (or god forbid the last 2), it was real dim, especially where the stalls were. It made a horrible buzzing noise.

Also a Chinese restaurant I would frequent would have the lights off, I could usually tell as I got close to the door (bad enough its down a long poorly lit hallway). My heart starts racing as I push the door open to turn on the light. I won't walk in until they go on. I'm 30 and I still haven't gotten over it.

Dark pools and pool drains get me too.

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