I have a phobia of frogs

by Daphne

I have a phobia of frogs. OMG these to me are the scariest thing ever. People always laugh at me when they hear this fear of frogs but it is horrible.

I was getting ready to go sit in my hot tub and as I was taking the cover off there was a frog. Slimy and a garish green brown. I slammed the top down screamed to high heaven backed up and tripped over my dog. That made me scream louder as if the frog was after me. I threw my back out and couldn't stop crying.

I am still having to hold back tears and they are ready to burst forth at any moment. I will never do therapy where I have to hold a frog.

Oh yea and people find it funny when they ask me what will a frog do to me and I say “they hop on me, and will land on me and get in my hair and the nails will stick to my hair like on the Brady Bunch.”

At this point people are falling over in gales of laughter and I feel stupid for the fear of frogs but I can not stop it.

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