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My solution to keeping frogs away!
by: Anonymous

I have always been terrified by frogs! I used to totally freak out if I just saw one or heard one..Up until about a year ago. I am a 37 year old mother of three, and I always used salt to try to keep them away, but living on a farm, it seemed impossible because they always seem to sneak in somewhere, somehow. A year ago, after I became a single mother, living alone on a farm with 3 kids, I had to learn to face my fears, which was almost impossible. I always have a broom nearby to just tug them out, but that didn't really lessen my fear, although it helped a bit, as I felt a sense of empowerment every time I successfully got rid of one. Eventually I moved to a complex, and of course these unwelcome guests were there,awaiting my arrival, as the complex is situated right next to a dam. So, I poured salt everywhere outside any entrance to our home, which kind of kept them at bay. Then one day I accidentally spilled paint on the courtyard cement and decided to use pool acid to try to lift the paint. To my astonishment, the frogs disappeared and haven't returned since!I think perhaps the acid penetrated the cement?Every time it rains, obviously the acid becomes active again!If you plan to use this method, wear a ventilator mask, as the fumes are extreme. I also pour pool acid down all the outside drains every once in a while, just in case they decide to come around again. Hope this helps!

I hate frogs
by: Franki

I am an adopted Autistic 17-year-old, who has been scared of frogs for years. I think it all started out when I was really little and me and my adoptive older brother, Ben, were next to our little pool in our garden. I saw a frog swimming around the edge of the pool, which I wasn't bothered by; until I stepped in and felt something under my foot. It was black and in unusual shape. It was a frog! I didn't dare go in after all. To this day, we've never had a pool in our garden. I'm always nervous about going into my aunt Di's pool in Tuddenham; even her 2 daughters, Gigi and Freya, hate frogs. We see so many frogs in her pool, either dead or alive, every time we open it up. My old dog, Busby, used to play with frogs; he killed one before. I always rely on my adoptive mum a lot to deal with any frog infestations, since she's OK with frogs. But this year, at college, I managed to hold a tree frog in the animal unit with good encouragement from my teacher, my best mate, Chloe (her mum hates frogs, too!) and some other people in our group. Back at home, we've always had a few dead frogs in our garden; my brother found a toad in his tent! My dad likes frogs, but he hates toads.

by: Anonymous

My family thinks it is funny that I am afraid of frogs. I am a 47 year old mom of two and my fear of frogs has gotten worse. I think it started when I was young and I stepped on a frog in bare feet and I (think I imagined that I) killed it. That was an ordinary sized frog. Now, the smaller the frog, the more I freak out; I think because they jump so high and are so unpredictable. I can't imagine using exposure to cure my fear; I can't even get close enough. By the way, toads don't really bother me.

These things are taking over my life
by: Anonymous

Ok so this phobia is taking over me and I am convinced these frogs are out to get me. I'm a 25 year old woman with a baby! I need to be brave but I can't even protect my baby against these things (that's how irrational I am) Tonight I got home and took out my keys to get in my front door, when I noticed one frog was on the door knob!!!! I didn't know what to do I couldn't get inside my home. So the logical thing I did??? I screamed as loud as I could waking up my neighbors, got in my car, drove for 20 minutes to my parents home, made my understanding dad come over to my house to "scare" the frogs away. All this happened at 1 am. So what do I need to do next?? Stay in my house as soon as I see the sun goes down. I'm going crazy!!! I need therapy.

My experience of why I have a frog phobia
by: Anonymous

I am terrified of frogs.....always have been since I can remember. When I was little I was outside skating and my cousin put one down my back
I fell broke my arm and have been traumatized since. In the summer I would go to my dads and every time I got there I would see one in his yard so then it was messing with me mental lol I started thinking they only came out when I was there because my dad said he never saw them any other time. Listen these things are evil they're not scared of you they will jump right at you like they know you're scared of them. My kids send me pics and videos of frogs all the time for meanness lol I hate it but as long as I don't see one in real life I'm good. I have literally left places and had panic attacks when I see them it's horrible and I'm not one of those ppl that wanna over come this fear I don't ever wanna be close to a frog.....glad to know I'm not the only one that have this phobia some ppl think it's silly but I literally freak out about them.

Anyone else hate frogs?
by: Anonymous

I'm a 14 year old girl and I live in the country. I have been afraid of frogs and toads as long as I can remember. I work on a farm and muck stalles by myself once a week. Winter is my favourite time because all the little devil creatures are hibernating and I can work in peace. But when summer comes they like to go in the corners of the stalls to hide and because they are so dark I mistake them for manure and poke them with my pitch fork. Honestly I love my job, but I dread going every week because I am tormented by the fear being surprised by them. Of course no one understands, they just laugh and say, "oh your ten times there size they can't hurt you" "they are more scard of you then you are of them" "you can't be a vet if your scared of a little toad." Funny thing is I don't care!! Those things are nasty. Don't get me wrong I love animals, I even love snakes! But it's just something about toads and frogs that make me so afraid of them. I want to be a large animal vet because animals in general have always been my passion, but I'm afraid the fear of toads will get in the way. All the snow has melted here and I have to go to work tomorrow. I'm praying so hard that the little terrors haven't come out. Please if anyone has any tips on dealing with toads of a farm please let me know!

Frogs need to burn in hell
by: Mariska

I'm so glad I found this thread because I feel so alone in this. I've had a phobia of frogs ever since I was a toddler. Ever since then, I have had a recurring nightmare where I am surrounded by frogs and feel like I just want to die. I am now 31 years old. I grew up in the tropics where I was surrounded by them, but so glad I moved to a cold dry climate where I don't see them anymore (except at pet stores, yuck).

I hate everything about them. How their legs are shaped, their nasty moist slimy body, ugly face, and their sound makes my skin crawl. Everyone always make fun of me and always say they would prank me with frogs, I would seriously hurt someone if they do. All I want to do is scream and die when there's a frog close to me. It is that serious. I am not afraid of spiders, cockroaches, snakes, or those other animals most people are scared of. I love all animals except amphibians. All frogs can go to hell, where they belong.

I try to be rational, but EEW!
by: Anonymous

When I was in junior high I was getting stoned at my friend's house, who lived on the outskirts of town next to a redwood forest. She didn't have a screen on her window, and the frogs outside were very, very loud. I asked if we could please shut the window because I imagined as many frogs that could possibly fit through the window jumping in at once and bouncing off the walls and us. Of course they thought that was ridiculous and started teasing me. My friend just happened to have a stuffed taxidermy frog wearing a poncho and playing a banjo on the bedside table, and my other friend picked it up, and in the creepiest voice ever said, "Here's one." They put it down, picked it up again, and said, "Here's one." They did that repeatedly until I was so creeped out I had to leave the room. That was almost 20 years ago. I still am so creeped out by frogs. I try to not run away when I see one, but I do end up walking away very quickly. Another friend tried to pick one up and chase me with it. I ran until I was out of breath, and when I turned around and realized they were right behind me, I got a rush of adrenaline and booked it faster than I ever have in my life. It was kind of amazing.

by: Anon

Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl and I think frogs are creatures from the depths of hell. The way the look, sound, and move, EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM FREAKS ME OUT. I tried to get over it, but even pictures and videos make me flip out. A few days ago, in biology class we had to dissect a FROG. I cried about 3 times or maybe even more and kept screaming. I told my teacher I had frog phobia but she didn't care and didn't say anything to me even though she could hear me loud and clear. And even my best friend said my name in an unsettling way as if she is telling me I am "over reacting" ITS A PHOBIA HOW CAN I NOT SCREAM AND CRY AND WANT TO DIE ON THE SPOT. But in the end I didn't have to do it so I waited in front of the class observing my friends from the distance they are sick. One of them played with the frog's corpse and mad it dance, and my other friend kept it's FREAKING HEART and scared me after that and made me cry again, but it was okay he didn't mean to hurt me. If you're wondering why I chose to do the dissection and stayed in the class while they were doing the dissection is because I hate it when people say I'm over reacting and I honestly thought I could get over my fear plus this was going to be on a test. But after that one guy pranked me everyone was supportive and asked if I was okay and comforted me. And just today me and my family had to check this outdoor venue for an event and I saw something moved on the grass and thought it was a frog (I wasn't wearing my contact lenses/glasses) and I freaked out, My mom said "you're over reacting" It really hurts my feelings knowing my own mom thinks my phobia is a joke. Please respect people with "satan's pet" phobia, thank you.

Worst thing ever
by: Anonymous

I am 24, and have been afraid of frogs, and (especially toads) for my entire life. I remember being a toddler, and a toad hopped across my foot outside. Ever since then I can't stand the thought of one being near my bare feet. If I have boots on I can manage seeing one (as long as it is far away from me), I will always run in the opposite direction though. I used to have a panic attack whenever I would see one (crying, wiping my hair and body, screaming, jumping up and down). I love being outside, but my fear ruins it (I would die if I was sitting on the ground and one came near me ughhh). If I go outside I try to stomp around, make a lot of noise, and avoid looking down as much as possible. I adore snakes, and have zero fear of spiders, bugs, lizards, etc. I have known one other girl who was terrified of them as well. I LOVED that Bible verse Revelations 16:13 THEY ARE UNHOLY hahaha. Reading some of these stories have bothered me to no end (it will be the end of my life if I ever saw one in my house omggggggg).

Frogs and toads are a no
by: Jasmine

I am a 13 year old girl and I have been scared of frogs sense as long as I remember!i hate them..earlier today I went outside, because usally me and my family go outside and hang out in the backyard. I went outside to get the bug reppellent for the backyard, and as I went in to ask my mom if
It's the right one, my uncle goes "look over here"(he didn't know I was scared of frogs/toads)and I looked where he was pointing and I ran inside and like for the first 2 minutes I was fine and than out of no where I had like a panic attack. It kinda was like I started breathing faster than I cried and than it took a while to cool down. I was really relieved that I wasn't the only one with this phobia not alone. I really hate them I can't deal with them. :(

Frogs are Satan's pest!
by: Anonymous

I believe these creatures are from the pits of hell along with their Lizard cousins!!

I don't understand this phobia!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm a city girl and I just moved to the country but even before moving here I've hated frogs, they're so gross and not normal! I wasn't always like this, I used to tolerate frogs and my friend would play with them and I would just watch, but now I totally am disgusted by them. They are so weird, creepy and they have round weird eyes, and throat that expands, legs that are so jelly like and a freakishly long and flexible tongue. Cartoon frogs and drawings don't really affect me but even a picture can make me possibly gag, and if one gets close to me I won't freak out like a baby and run away but if it hops towards me or is about to go near me, then I will freak the fuck out!

frog phobia - there is help!
by: Anonymous

Just like everyone else here, I'm terrified of frogs. I'm a 36 year old mother of 3 and live on a farm, along with thousands of frogs. I hardly ever go outside at night, avoid grass and keep all windows and doors sealed at all costs. But they do get in at times. Last night I had one next to my bed, one behind the toilet, one in the shower.This fear is taking over my life, and I can't go on like this anymore. But, everyone, listen up. Normal table salt keeps them away. I put salt everywhere. on the window sills, in every corner of the house, (they like hiding in corners) and even in front of the doors. This really helps keep them away, but you have to sprinkle salt at least once a week, else they get in. I hope this helps, I never run out of salt :)

my son is terrified please help me understand
by: Anonymous

My 6 year old started having a fear of frogs at the age of 4 out of the blue, if he sees one he cries runs screams he is terrified and doesn't know why, please help me understand this thank you

by: Anonymous

I HATE FROGS & TOADS!! I will literally cry when/if I see them. I don't want them touching me. I WANT TO KILL THEM ALL!!!!

by: Sandra

I am bloody terrified of them! I too am frozen to the spot with fear. Saw one in my garden a week ago, yellow with brown spots on it, BIG, omg I thought I would die. Can't go in the garden now in case I see it. Oh yes it's still there, saw it again yesterday, so that's it , no garden now, my friend is gonna come take it to her garden , she loves them.
And then to top it all , I been to my sons hiuse, a frog, came home got out of the car, a frog. What the hell is this about. I can't go into wooded areas, can't go out in the dark. I would never buy a house which had a pool, or by water.i seriously need help, this frog thing is affecting my life. I keep crying now at the thought of one. AND the worse thing of all is, when someone takes the piss and says, oh it's only a frog , it won't hurt you, it's good for the garden! Well , That does it for me! I am not stupid, I know it won't hurt me! I know it won't kill me! I know it will be good for the garden! I KNOW ALL THAT!! BUT. I am still bloody terrified of them. It is so bad, I can't stop thinking about them now that they are brave enough to be open and public. Has anyone had hypnosis or any other kind of therapy to eliminate this phobia. Oh my god , help me.

don't like frogs
by: Anonymous

I am an animal lover for life, but I have never liked frogs. Always around when it rains, lots of them and I could not walk far without squishing one of them at night. Always disliked them as a child and as an adult, I still find them repugnant and ugly. I even found a dead frog in my bedroom closet. Don't ask me how the frog got there because I don't know! People can laugh at me if you want to and I don't care because most people are afraid of something. Yes, I guess my fear is irrational but oh well, I'm only human.

I dont wanna have anything to do with them
by: Rainy

Sometimes i think im the only one with this fear.i cant stand them i dont wanna see them dont wanna have anything to do with them.i dont even like seeing the word or typing makes me feel like i wanna friends and boyfriend always joke abt this and i really am scared that they will prank me.i told them if anyone pranks me with it,we are no longer friends.i dont care if its a weird phobia.i just need someone in this world who understands this particular phobia so i wont feel alone.everytime they talk about amphibians i just wanna run away and avoid all places with it if i can.the fucked up part is my name is Rainy and most of the people who knows of my phobia kept saying shit like 'rainy,rainy days are for frogs' man im like fuck this shit.go kill yourself i dont wanna be associated with fuxking amphibians especially frogs.shit yuckkkkkk.

Do you have a fear or phobia and want the opportunity to try and overcome it? Then read below
by: charlotte

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The reason why I am contacting you all on here is because I noticed you mentioned that you have a fear of frogs and certain animals and I am looking for people who might potentially be interested in taking part who suffer from this.

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new found. the skin is freaky-frightening
by: Anonymous

I have a phobia of the skin on large roads. I tried grabbing a GIANT toad my sister and I found on the aide of the street and since it was missing an eye it wasn't too hard to do but evevery time it touched my hand I pulled away and jumped and almost screamed... my heart was racing.. I had never been afraid of anything that seemed so silly so I tried again and I thought I was going to throw up. The skin felt like nothing I had ever felt before. It was like a rocky, leathery sort of feel and I stood up and started walking away but I had to sit down because my legs were rubber and y head hurt like hell and I couldn't see very well and my heart was racing so bad, my nervea turned tingly, and I felt like I was going to throw up.

Frog phobia
by: Anonymous

I am not sure why I am afraid, but I cannot look at them in a book or on TV. I am a school teacher and a set of science text had frogs on the front. Keywork had. The students would hold it up and ask me to look. I tried to cover them with paper, but it did not work. I risk my job and ripped the cover off all of them. I am not proud but I was afraid to walk around in my classroom. I wish I knew how to get rid of this phobia. I would mortgage my house to get rid of this fear.

Want to get over it!
by: Anonymous

I have always had the irrational fear of frogs and toads. I can't stand to see them in real or pictures, and when they take me by surprise when walking I freak right out. My family and fiance think I am ridiculous for it but it is comforting to see there are so many people with this fear.

The biggest problem is, I love being outside and love gardening. We just got our first house and gardening for the first time and toads have already taken me surprise too many times. Luckily I am okay enough to grab a shovel and escort the horrible things out of our property, but I desperately want to get over the fear. It hinders me from doing what I want, and I am worried that when the beans get bigger the plants will hide the toads and they will scare me worse. Also, toads are very healthy to have in the garden, so I know I am hurting my garden by getting rid of them.

But what to do! I should go to a reptile show and get them to show them, try hold, whatever. Also find a small one and maybe try picking it up with sweater and gloves on to start.

Oh well. Back to gardening in the heat with all my skin covered in case one gets me!

Who would've thought I wasn't alone
by: Jessica

I am a 16 year old girl born and raised in Louisiana. So living here, i've pretty much seen many different animals and bugs of different sorts. As soon as you walk outside you are bound to see something. Since Louisiana is known for it's hot,damp weather, I expect to see frogs pr toads.Yet,I never really realized how much i was disgusted at even the thought of them. Lately it's been raining ALOT here and the frogs and toads have been gathering around my house. In fact, the other day when our oven was being delivered, somehow a frog got in. I was home alone and started crying the moment i noticed it. I couldnt even get within 2 feet of it without sobbing like a baby. I even called my mom at work begging her to call somebody. She tried to calm me down and give me ideas on how to get it out but i refused to do it because i just imagined it hopping up and touching me but i didnt want to leave it because it might have a chance of hiding. Finally,my brother came over and removed the frog from the house. I threw bleach all over the floor and hopped in the shower scrubbing my skin.I literally am terrified at the thought of opening the door because i know that they are near. I can't even take my dog outside to use the bathroom anymore because i just imagine a bunch of those ugly,gross creatures waiting for me to pass by so they all jump on me and im gagging as i type this. Sometimes i can't even sleep peacefully because i just know that a frog or toad managed to get in my bedroom and is just ugh i can't even finish my sentence. I feel really bad for hating them but i can't help the fact that they make me feel like this. I try to get my family to understand me but my mom just says im paranoid and just a drama queen but i don't even react this way to spiders which i am also terrified of.

They make me sick !!!
by: Anonymous

I always thought I was the only person in the world who had this phobia! I am over 60 years old and have been terrified of toads/frogs all my life. I know they won't hurt me but just to see one ruins my whole day. I love to garden but am always afraid one is lurking in the flower beds, so am not at ease. If all this isn't bad enough, then in the spring and summer my outside cats have been known to bring one in the back porch (usually a dead one upside down with that white belly up)..ugh... and so I have to peek out to be sure it's all clear before I step out into the porch. I never told the kids at school about my fear because I was afraid if they knew then they would chase me with one. actually happened once...some dumb kid put one down my back on the school bus...I did the St.Vitus dance all the way to the front of the bus and then got off and went home.!!! Right now I'm looking outside at my flower bed that needs weeding, trying to decide if I should wait till later in the afternoon..afraid "they" will be out in the morning.

Its Irrational
by: Anonymous

I just got home from work and there was a frog by my front happens to be the only door to get in. I sat in my car and cried until my dog chased of off....i am 20 years old. This fear is so irrational. I don't know where it came from. I live in the country and frogs are every where. I can't see one in a picture, or tv! It is really hard for me to drive when they are on the road. I start to have panic attacks when I hear or see one. I am glad I am not alone.

I have a serious phobia.
by: Anonymous

I am TERRIFIED of frogs/toads. It's not only looking at them, but I just feel like they're gonna jump on me and the feeling of touching their disgusting looking skin just ugh idk! They're so hideous and gross looking. Even looking at pictures terrifies me! Idk when or why this fear began. My parents tell me I used to play with them when I was little but I don't recall. One time I was with my mom walking home (I live in a building) and by the pool part, I saw a hideous brown toad stuck on a hole on the floor. I literally froze and ran upstairs. My mom said my skin was super cold and I got pale. I NEVER again went by there again.also, once I came home with my parents past midnight and when he parked, as soon as I opened the door there it was, another fat toad. It looked like if it was waiting for me. I screamed and I cried. It was horrible. I feel like this phobia disrupts my life. Every time I know there could be one I feel scared and I keep looking out for them. I'm even scare to face my fear. I just hate them, and thank god no one plays jokes with me, they know how id get. My dad keeps telling me he's gonna grab one and make me touch it so I'll stop being scared, but I don't want him to. He's been saying that ever since I can remember, I'm 17 now and he hasn't done it thank god. I hate these stupid creatures, I HATE THEM!

I have a fear of toads and frogs
by: Anonymous

I'm 34 y/o and have been afraid of frogs and toads since I qas 5, when I picked one up in my garage thinking it was my grandma plant pot which has a frog shape. When I grabbed it the nasty animal swollen up and throw a white milk in my hands...with the years I became terrified. Where I live now they are not common but I'm afraid of moving just fir the thought of experience what you guys have.
I have a bf who tries to be understanding but we just came for vacation to Kauai in Hawaii and this place in infested with them so I'm not able to go out at night without freaking out. He is with his friends and I feel mortified. I need help but just the idea of being exposed to them makes me want to be dead.
It's 4 am right now and I haven't been able to sleep since I saw a giant toad next to me (around 1 meter from me) while going out for dinner. I couldn't eat because my fear gives me horrible nauseas.
I just want to cry now.

my dumb fear of frogs
by: Xye

I have always been afraid of frogs and i hate them. Why you say, well their very ugly creatures, odd looking and gross and to me they appear slimy and just out of this world ODD. When it rained they always filled the streets and I would step on some of them accidentally coz it was night-time. i have had nightmares about frogs attacking me and yes, I know that is ridiculous, but I am onlh human after all. I just want to get OVER this fear as I know it is irrational and silly too. Im an adult and well, I refuse to tell people about it coz then they treat me like I am crazy and I'm not one bit. Thanks for listening to my story.

Old enough to know better
by: Anonymous

I am 37 and STILL freaked out by frogs. I am not sure where the phobia comes from, but I cannot look at pictures, can't see them in a T.V program, get trapped in my car when there is one on the sidewalk. I live out in the country and often the frogs get in the house. I freak out. I have to call someone to come to the house and get it out. I don't tell many people about my fear, as I found out many people use it as an excuse to scare the fire out of me by sticking one in my face, or my desk drawer at work or in my car. I do not know how to deal with this other than to avoid all situations where one might be present. Luckily my family is pretty understanding and warn me.
One time I accidentally stepped on one barefooted (when i was much young. My mom and Dad had to hold me down to keep me from trying to rip my skin off. Even as i write this I have to raise my feet off the floor.
I get angry with myself because I know that there is nothing one of them could do to actually harm me. It is so irrational but I cannot stop the fear. I also know after writing this, when I go to bed tonight, I will have nightmares about frogs.

My family just let me EAT one and yold me it was chicken!! >:(
by: Anonymous

My Aunty and mum just let me eat frog and told me it was fucking chicken I'm so fucking mad. I am sick to my stomach I threw up and have just stopped retching I feel fucking disgusting! I saw my Aunty preparing dinner and saw her doing something to them in the sink. I said "is that frog" and she said it was a "paddy chicken" and they're small chickens and I thought they're too big to be frogs anyway so I bought the story (I think I half bought the story because I didn't want to freak out right there and then. By dinner time I had forgotten all about it. Then at dinner they were in a dish chopped up into pieces in a seschuan sauce and my dad was talking about these chickens in Queensland but some of them are poisonous and I stopped eating and asked if they were frogs and everyone at the table said they were chickens even my uncle and cousin. Anyway I stopped eating and kept askinh and then my dad caved and said they're frogs. I started retching and as I left the table my Aunty said to my dad "you shouldn't have told her what it was and shed eat it" then I went to the toilet and threw up and started crying and went off at everyone saying that I'm a fucking adult and I can choose what I eat and what I don't want to fucking eat! IM fuming I'm sure everyone thinks I'm overreacting but my parents especially know that I've had a phobia of frogs since I was little and like most people here I can't even look at a picture of one! And now knowing that I have eaten one fuck I feel so sick. I and can't even close my eyes coz all I can see are those fuckers in the sink! They were massive!

I'm so glad I googled and found out its a real phobia.. I never really thought of it as a phobia until my best friend just mentioned it when I went to her for consoling.. So I googled and found this website. I am glad to know that I'm not alone and yes everyone thinks it's hallirious when they find out my fear. But my friends and sisters are actually really good about it.

One day my husband had a friend over and they told me to follow them into the garage to look at the something (we had had a lot of rain and I assumed the garage had flooded and he wanted to show me the damage), but it was a massive squashed frog, I screamed like I was being murdered and ran into the house crying.. I think that's when my husband started to take my fear of frogs seriously.

Again so glad I'm not alone but the fear still lives on unfortunately

When did I develop this phobia?
by: kendra

For years, I've been terrified of two things: Spiders and heights. I dont even know what I'd do if I was on a tall building and a spider was up there as well! anyways, as I was about to watch a television show, I saw something out of the periphery of my eye and screamed. It was a frog. I never used to be afraid of frogs. As a little girl, I'd catch them and put them in jars and try and feed them flies. I literally couldn't use a jar to catch it nor put a towel on it. Just seeing it walking (crawling?) along the floor/hopping, made me cry. Luckily my mom came home from work (sadly, I'm 22 and I needed my mom)and picked it up -with her bare hands- and released it outside. I don't know if I'm afraid of frogs because of the fact that if they can get into my room other things can to. I think my biggest fear is that if I don't work on my phobia (my arachnophobia is by far the worst), it's going to start spreading to other categories like worms and then flies or something crazy like that.

Oh my god...
by: Anonymous

Coming from a rural town in the middle of nowhere, toads and frogs are (sadly) a common sight. I don't really recall how I became terrified of the little things, but whenever it rained I HATED being caught out in the open. The toads specially would just blend in with anything! And my cousins just had to make my phobia a damn joke! I don't know how many times they would grab a live one and try to make me touch it, or whenever one got run over by a car they would (ugh...) dry out flat, and my cousins used to also pick those dead ones up and chase me around. The worst time I had with a toad was when I was around 6 and going to take a shower and a huge, I mean HUGE, toad was inside!! Oh my god, just thinking about it makes me want to scratch my skin off!

Darn cosines!!
by: Shannon

When I was l 6 me and my cosins would play with frogs and toads but once we were playing with some in a bucket and one jumped out and landed on my foot and I freaked. And ever sence that time I have been scared of them and I would run away and then a couple years later me and my cosins were walking and one of them dropped a toad down my shirt. And now it's 5 years after that and I'm still freaked out about them, but now I like little ones and I will pick them up. But today my cosins and my bro were home together and they found a toad in my garage in a grate when I was giving my dog a bath and they picked up the toad and threw it at me and I flipped. But after looking this up I now know that I'm not alone. :)

I thought I was the only one
by: Nika

Ever since I was little I've been TERRIFIED of frogs and toads. I can recall a few run ins with them. I was at my friends house and we were in her front yard and there was what I thought a rock so I kinda moved it with my foot and it turned out to be a toad!! I freaked out!! I was probably in the 4th grade then. Im 14 now and still scared of them. Another time I was at a football game and one of my friend decided it would funny to throw a frog at my chest. I almost whooped her butt! I have no idea why I am scared of them. I thought that I was the only person scared of them but I now know I'm not. I remember another time I went swimming in my pool with some of my friends and their was a frog in the pool. One of them screamed it. They thought I didn't hear it but I did and I didnt go swimming for 3 days after that. And if you know what a skimmer basket is for your pool then you know that all kinds of stuff in them. It was my turn to clean it and there it was! I touched it!! I almost wanted to die right then and there!! OMG scary..

Horrid Phobia
by: (female)

My friends some times mock my fear, and even going so far as one time to force me into my pool which was filled with tad poles just because they wanted to go swiming...ugh...but other then that they are pretty good about it, which I love them for. They didnt stop mocking me until they wittnessed one of my freak out where one of my mother's friends called me over to show me something and just shoved a frog in my face. I screamed as it jumped of his hand and almost touched my chest before I ran and hid under a stool (which I did not fit under)and continued to cry there. I did not come out for almost an hour, even after the frog was gone. Even then, after they got me to come out, I refused to go any where near the area the frog had touched or been. I have no clue what caused this horried phobia, but it a complete inconveince in my life seeing as all my friends love the out doors and of them even let a frog on her head as she swam around the pool...

Yay! I'm not alone!
by: Emily

I hate frogs and my friends are pretty god with it but the reason I am scared was because when I was 10 (1 year ago) I was riding a really spooky horse and it saw a frog and galloped ( I couldn't gallop ) into another horse and that horse reared and the rider broke her leg :( but I was then bucked off and the horse jumped over me and all my back was brused and puffy and I do still ride but whenever my instructer says we are goin out side I go really panicked and she has to calm me down, but in geography the other day one came up on the screen ( a picture ) everyone laughed and made fun of me apart from my friends and now I'm scared of geography :( but I am glad I'm not alone and even though I'm scared of them I would never hurt or kill one intentually :)

I have a fear of frogs and toads too.
by: Anonymous

I'm a 13 year old girl and I never met anyone who's scared of frogs and toads. I always thought that I was alone and that it was such a weird phobia. Recently, since we have gotten nicer weather and it's warmer out, I'm afraid of going outside for school and having to go outside for fire drills. My Mom says that I've always been afraid of them and when I was younger, I would scream and cry and run away. I only remember a few incidents from when I was younger, though. Now I get all panicky, hyperventilate, and (sometimes) cry. Sometimes I have other symptoms, it just depends on the situation. Like for Girl Scout camping, we went on my birthday weekend last summer for two nights and I left the morning after the first night because someone said they saw a toad in the shower, even though the camp was about an hour away from my house. Last year, a girl in my science class picked one up and put it in my face. I turned around quickly and found my science teacher. I tried my hardest not to freak out too bad. And last year we had to disect frogs in science and my science teacher wasn't going to make me disect them but I was still nervous because they were in buckets in the back of the room. I was okay when we disected worms though. I wish that there was a support group I could go to but I haven't found one. My Mom is afraid of spiders and my dad is afraid of snakes. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could get my self to calm down before I totally spaz out and look bad at school. Trust me, I know how you all feel about people laughing and stuff. My brother teases me sometimes but my gramma and Mom get mad at him. Please give me suggestions!

Freaky frog monsters!
by: Anonymous

I am actually really petrified of frogs. If I see one I scream like I'm being murdered then I can't move, frozen with fear and getting highly hysterical. I cry for about half hour and can't go anywhere near where I saw it for at least a week! I have never met anyone else who suffers from this. It us a great source of amusement, especially when some smart arse decides to pick it up and chase me. Then I run like the wind. The thought of them jumping and getting me, it makes me sick. I would not touch a frog for all the money in the world (something else people don't believe) It's so nice to know I'm not alone... Although I am presently a prisoner in my own home as there's one sitting on my door step!!

me too
by: Anonymous

frogs are the scariest animals ever I hate their creepy suction cup legs and their bubbling skin and goggly eyes I've had times were I couldn't even go outside cuz their was a frog on my fence they just sit their and stare at u I'm so scared of one jumping incontrollibly on me id pass out I'm so glad other people have da same fear as me it makes me feel so much better about my phobia

by: Anonymous

I was never scared as a kid... I'm 44 now and petrefied of frogs... I cant even stand looking at pictures. My friends know my phobia and are pretty good with not scaring me. I cry... hyperventilate... and run, and God help anyone that gets in my path. If one touches me I have to shower. They have suction cup feet...EWWW.... eye's that dont blink.... and they eat their own skins.... YUCK.....And they love to live in your toilet...worse fear is sitting down and one crawls out and sticks to your butt... ARGGHHHH

In saying all this I would never hurt one or would like to see them hurt.

by: Anonymous

Hi, i am utterly terriified of frogs...reading these comments almoat make me cry. I love the outdoors and camping but i think that my fear will hold me back for the rest of my life. I have nightmares and many other symtoms. Can anybody help me?

HATE Frogs!!
by: San

Nice to know I'm not the only one either. When I was very young I was actually OK with them as my ex-neighbour had them in her garden. But until one day I saw a toad in the garden and my dog attacked it and it kept jumping and I screamed for my mum to help it but it died. Since then I've been scared of them beyond belief. I lived in Poland for a while and the garden was full of them, barely went outside. Last month I saw my dog (not the one that killed the toad another dog) curiously looking at something and I couldn't see what it was, I had to come up close as I couldn't see what he was looking at) and then there was another huge brown toad in the garden and screamed as if I found something dead and barricaded myself in the bedroom. I was home alone alongside it. I had to ring my mum from work to deal with it. Now I even fear going into my garden and I unintentionally look for them in fear and it's ridiculous.

OMG i am not the only one!
by: Monta!

i didnt know that anyone else is scared form those filthy things.
and all my friends are laughing about that as well :(

i hate them!
by: Harry

Ever since my cat brought in a half dead frog in the house bleeding like anything and it was trying to jump, and it did jump in the end, it freaked me out, now my friends tease me with plastic frogs, and some threaten to buy me a frog for my birthday, errgh i hate it, ive told my friends i want to get over it they just call me a pussy and laugh! And im going to france this year and im terrified cause last time i went i remember there being a couple of frogs but i wasnt really scared of them, but now this time im bricking it really :/ So no your not the only one with this phobia!

frog phobia
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only person in the world with this phobia; so pleased to see I'm not. We have so many frogs at our place and they always seem to find a way inside. It's not very nice walking out to the kitchen in the middle of the night and stepping onto a big fat green frog.

Check this!
by: Matt

I once lived in Arkansas, and one time I took a shower and didn't dry my hair. This is gross, but that night I woke up and had a frog in my hair!! Not only that, but she had laid a bunch of eggs in my wet hair!! It was horrible cause they were so hard to wash out. I didn't speak for almost a year!! I HATE frogs!!

by: Tiffany

I feel you, I hate frogs too!
I can't even stand looking at pictures of frogs,
or watch a video of frogs...
I just get so disgusted and creeped out

New species found
by: Anonymous

And now, to add to my/our fear, scientists have discovered a new breed of frog in the jungles of's a flying vampire frog. OMG, they falling from the sky and sucking our blood!!! arrrggghhh

i kno ur pain
by: henrietta

i hate frogs too. I cnt even look at a pic of one nd cartoon ones. Dnt worry u r not alone

by: Anonymous

I know exactly what you're talking about - even the mention of frogs sends me bawling out of the room - I get laughed at, teased and put down because I'm so afraid of such seemingly harmless creature.
I don't know why I'm afraid of them, I just am. So you're not alone in this :)

by: Anonymous

i am very afraid of frogs..and it doesnt that fact that i live less than 6 blocks away for a lake..i see them everywhere: in my my yard when i mow the lawn. when i take out the trash...they literally are EVERYWHERE!!!!it freaks me out big time...I have Actually considered moving due to the infestation of frogs:((

They creep me out!
by: Mark (Australia)

I got shivers just reading all these stories. I'm a 48 year old male, and I know this fear is completely irrational, but I can't control it. Friends and family laugh at me when I unexpectedely come acroos a frog, jump 6 feet in the air, and run away screaming like a little girl! They are soo scary! But some people just dont get it.

35 yrs old and STILL scared of frogs
by: Anonymous

I have been scared of frogs/toads for all of my life. I'm a 35 yr old mother, for goodness sake. I hate having this ridiculous fear. The last thing I want to do is to project this fear onto my 4 yr old son, but I CANNOT act normal when I see one. I FREAK OUT, it's uncontrollable. I would also love to have a garden, but the fear of toads is keeping me from it. Pathetic. The sheer sight of them makes me want to run as fast as I can in the other direction and cry. I've had frog nightmares forever-stuck in a room with tons of them jumping all over me. So pathetic.

by: Jenn

my biggest fear is frogs. ive always been terrified of them for as long as i can remember. people laugh & make fun of me all the time because of it but i cant help it. i pushed my mama almost through a wall one day trying to get away from a frog not intentionally of course but my daddy brought one in my room i guess he didnt think i was that scared of them & as soon as i saw it i took off running and hollering and mama was in front of me & i thought she was running to but i guess she didnt run fast enough. i felt really bad about it but atleast they know im serious when i say im scared of something. over last summer i stepped on two frogs WITHOUT wearing shoes. it was the grossest scariest feeling in the world to me. i thought i was gonna have a heart attack. i cried and cried. i was so scared and creeped out. i hate frog season. i can tolerating looking at a SMALL picture of a frog as long as it aint for too long & its not too detailed. my friends & family are always messing with me & somebody usually always gets me a stuffed animal thts a frog just abt every holiday.

sooo terrified
by: Anonymous

I hate hate hate that I'm so terrified of frogs. I live in the country and in the summer at night my driveway always has some just sitting there. I know they can't hurt me but that doesn't change my phobia of them. As badass as I act frogs are the one thing that makes me cry just thinking about them. People always tease me about this even though most of the time they're afraid of more things than I am. I want so badly to get over it but I'm not even sure when to start.

youre not alone

i actually have the same fear and almost started crying reading your story, cause i dont know if i can live through something like that. i think you were very brave.

Great Posts
by: Anonymous

I thought I was rare having a phobia of frogs. Like you all, I get laughed at as if I'm some girlie girl thats scared of creepy crawlies.

I live in Queensland Australia and have to put up with the mass amounts of cain toads. I have no idea why I am so terrified. But like mentioned in another post, a common nightmare of mine is that they will jump on my head and get stuck in my hair. I feel uncomfortable just thinking about it.

Just tonight my father said he will bring a frog inside and make me hold it just to get over my fear. Honestly I feel like that could give me a heart attack. I scream and panic whenever I see a frog or toad so I will never go near one.

Great to know there or others with the same phobia. I was hesitant to open these web pages out of fear of pictures.

by: Anonymous

Help!!!!!!!!I am terrified.... I feel like I have gone to hell there are so many frogs in my yard! I am stuck an have no choice but to live here... everytime I go outside I start to vomit. (sorry) now I am haing dreams often. I have started waking up all hour of the night... I am disabled and I can NOT move.. I get the minimum every month. .... please tell me anything I can do to make them go away.. I live in the country because the rent is cheap so I am trapped.. I have tried mothballs... that does not work... they sit right by it.... Please help,,,,,
Scared sick of this...

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I have a really bad phobia of frogs. Im 18 and since about the age of 10. They terrify me. I was scared of opening these pages in case there is frog pictures. I have nightmares about them, cry when I see them. People have laughed at me too, putting frog toys in my bed and showing me pictures... I want to get over it, but I know I will have to face it then.
Does anyone else seen that frog advert on tv for stomach problems or something? I have to leave the room... it scares the hell out of me!
Hope everyone here gets their phobias solved. Its horrible, and I know what you all mean xx

phobia of frogs
by: alison

OMG i thought that i was the only one with the fear of frogs.... i am soooooo scared of them every time i see one i scream and start shaking(like i am having a fit). Many people play jokes with me with them eg putting them in my bed, in my car, amongst my clothing just to name a few.... i want to overcome this fear but i dont think it will happen... is there anyone that can help....thanks

I hate frogs too
by: Tarney

I have an extreme phobia of frogs and have no idea why! I am 18 years old and my phobia is getting worse it was ok i used to just stay clear of them and i would be fine but now every time i see one i feel faint my hands go clammy i break out in a sweat and start crying uncontrollably.

Recently went on a holiday with friends and they put two frogs in my bed it was so bad i wet myself and fainted. It was totally embarrassing. Then tonight one jumped on my head and i started crying and all my other symptoms kicked in. Will I ever get over my fear???

i hate them!
by: Anonymous

i agree with you, Im 18 years old and ever since i can remember i have hated frogs. My phobia seems to be getting worse recently though and i would do anything to get over this phobia, its started to really affect my social life, as i feel that everywher i go i will see one. Some help would be really good please!

by: Carla

I too have a great phobia of frogs, ever since I was little, for some reason it started when I would go over to my grandmothers house and in order for me to get to her front door, I had to walk through a little walkway in the middle of a flower bed, and there would be giant ( to me anyways ) frogs jumping everywhere, it terrified me to death, like the rest of you people laugh at me and wonder why I am so deathly afraid of these amphibians, I cannot explain it I would rather be near a snake or alligator than have a frog in the same vicinity as me... I was telling a coworker about this and she told me to look up this bible verse, and maybe its some kinda subconcious thing, if your interested it is revelation chapter 16 verse 13... its kinda weird....

Frogs ruining my summer?
by: Anonymous

we have just moved into a new house (dec) and today i saw a frog! then a bigger one! I am so scared, i hate the look of them and their movements. My cat searched the big one out and it freaked me out. I felt sick, my neighbours must think im mad but ive had this phobia as long as i remember and im 36. How can i go outside to hang washing out now? or just sit in the garden? Great summer i'll have.
Are there no frog repellents available? I dont want to hurt them just keep them away.

Me tooooo
by: Anonymous

I was even hesitated to view this page just being scared of someone would have posted a frog picture here which will distory my entire night of sleep.

I have no idea why this is happening to me. It started since i was little, well, maybe since I was born? I can't handle anything remind me of frog even a stuffed toll.

Same as you
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear as you and I think you're not crazy. You're fine. I get the same treatment as you too where people laugh uncontrollably. I just wanted you to know that you're not alone.

by: Anonymous

to even admit that you have the phobia is admirable. forget what other people think, only what you think matters. i admire you for owning up to your phobia. never let others get you down. everyone is afraid of something.

Phobia of Frogs
by: Jan

Hi Daphne,

People who have never experienced a phobia cannot understand how terrible the fear is. So don't blame them when they have to laugh.

And don't feel stupid. You aren't. You can benefit from my experience to eliminate your phobia of frogs.

Read the articles on this site, choose the treatment option you like most and bust your phobia of frogs.

All the best,


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