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same here
by: Anonymous

whenever i look at earings i rub my eyes because the sight of them makes me sick, i cant even look at their head or face because i cant stand them!!!!!! they really make me mad when i see them

by: Anonymous

more than a fear of earrings, I feel nauseous when I touch them or see them. Especially if they are ball-shape, like the old ones. I guess that is not that weird because i'd found with this page. My moms think that i'm being unreasonable and childish, but they're really disgusting for me. It's cool that there are people out there who won't think i'm loony.

big earrings
by: Anonymous

I have kind of a love/hate relationship with earrings that reach past 2 inches. It seems to be ok when on a night on the town,or special occasion, but it looks trashy in the workplace/ education facility, unless you happen to be working in a beauty salon. I've had this outlook for far too long. Any ideas on how to overcome this?

I cant cope with earrings
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 and can't cope with earrings. I even hate saying the word. People think I'm weird and it makes me mad. It might seem normal to them but not to me I couldn't go out with someone with their ears pierced. My mates think I don't like girls and take the piss but all the nice ones have bloody ear piercings. Once a girl I know gave me a hug and because she was wearing earrings I pushed her away and she was offended.u

by: Anonymous

Honestly, I don't fear injections and stuff like that, yeah, i hate them, but im not scared of them... but piercings, I can't handle them. Every time i look at a girl and see those huge ones just hanging in their ears like if it was a kid in a swing... EWWWW NO! I really don't know why and i would really like an answer to this XD. The girl I'm dating just got 4 FREAKING PIERCINGS and she doesn't understand WHY I can't even look at them.

by: Britany

Oh <3 I have this too and I am so happy to see I am not the only one. I get sick when people talk about it or I think about it. I've passed out several times from it.

by: simon

It's got to the point where I can't date anyone with them, and if anyone asks me to hold them for a while I freak. The smaller and more intricate they are the stronger my fear and actions get

my four yr old
by: Anonymous

My four year old has the same problem. It's not piercings alone.. he's fine to look at my sisters eyebrow piercing, or her belly button. But when someone has ear rings he won't look at them & he will request you take them out. He'll keep his head turned from the person until they do. Even me, & I'm his mommy!

me to
by: Anonymous

i can't touching earrings or even seeing them laying around makes me jumpy i also hate needles and badges
so i am guessing i hate pointy metal things

Earrings in moist/wet places
by: Anonymous

It's so weird but i have the same fear! It amplifies when the earring is in a moist or wet place, i immediately get EXTREMELY uncomfortable!It used to be alot worse when I was a child. I like how SOME earrings look when they are in the ear ( like diamond or pearl) but I cant stand how they look when they are just sitting out. It literally makes me cringe and want to throw up. Something about earring backs also really gross me out, especially the bow shaped ones, the plastic circle ones arent as bad but still gross.

I thought I was the only one.
by: Anonymous

I have this too! After I got my ears pierced I blacked out, and once I had to have an X-ray and my mum had to take my earrings out and I fainted.

by: Anonymous

Most people look at me crazy when i tell them earing disgust me. I can't stad piercings anywear especialy belly rings, toung rings, nose rings EWWWW! If i see an earing hanging around i gag! and people will just sit there and play with them and share them and stuff!!!! when i see this i look away and think to myself ( they are so lucky i'm not packing right now)

I have it bad too.
by: Anonymous

I have this quite badly too, it makes me feel physically sick and being around someone with earrings I have to clean my hands after and its all I can think of. I just imagine them being the dirtiest thing in the world! When I was just 1 years old, I got my ears pierced and I've hated them! Mum thought I was just being stupid and fussy and would get annoyed with me until finally when I was 11 she caught me being sick after she made me hold then while she was cleaning my ears :(

fear of earings
by: Anonymous

interesting...I have the same fear. And everyone thinks I'm kinda weird for it. And I'm a nurse...hahaha. I can't touch them or even thinking about them makes me super nauseated! Jewelry in general kinda freaks me out.

by: Anonymous

I have always had the same phobia. I won't touch them and avoid looking at them when I can. I have gotten really good at the head dodge when getting hugged by someone wearing earrings. People always think it's about the piercing but it's not, it's something to do with the earrings themselves combined with the ear lobe. It just makes me feel unbearably twisty and anxious.

Earring phobia
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend has a huge earring phobia. He can't even look at them in a box. The ones hanging on cardboard are his worst nightmare. I guess I will never get them for a gift. Huh????? If he touches them accidentally he has to scrub his hands and sanitize them. It actually brings tears to his eyes.

My daughter has fear of earrings too
by: Mum Judi

Hi. You are not alone. My daughter was 6 when she had her ears pierced. She really wanted them pierced but felt faint when they had been done.Then when I came to take her earrings out and she was looking in the mirror she fainted. This has lead to a phobia of earrings and piercings. Her ears have now healed and she cannot go in a shop where they sell earrings or she starts to feel sick and faint! She also can't handle the thought of needles and injections and don't know what we will do when she has to have a needle in the future

I feel the same
by: Anonymous

I could never put on or take off my earrings and I have my mom do it for me.

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