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I'm glad Im not the only one
by: Lauren

I have a big problem with floors too. I can't help but think of all the dirt that's been tracked from all over the place. I don't like to touch things that have been on the ground. I sanitize my pencils or books when they touch the ground. I only let my backpack touch the floor on the very bottom and I never touch that part of my backpack. I refuse to sit on the floor. I make sure that I only put the top part of my blanket on my face and the bottom part at my feet. I wash the bottoms of my shoes periodically with anti-bacterial cleaner and I don't put my shoes on top of things. I won't let people put their feet or shoes on my things. When I see people put their feet up on things or sit on the floor it disgusts me. This fear also ties into my fear of vomit (other peoples', not my own). I'm afraid of all the vomit particles that get tracked around and will eventually end up on me. Same with feces, urine, regular dirt, and other nasty things.
I developed this phobia about six months ago when I started thinking about all the dirt and germs that are on the floor. This phobia is starting to rule my life. I just want to be normal and not think about it anymore. I'm going to see my psychiatrist soon about it. Maybe there is hope.

Wow! Me Too!
by: Anonymous

I loved playing outside as a child but it all started in my mid 30's. I too think about walking on the gound and looking for objects or dirt. During the summer it doesn't bother me but let it rain and I begin to watch where I step. Does anyone know what type of phobia we have? My mom is phobic and I wonder if I inherited some traits?

**** Now that we know we aren't alone we need to help conquer this phobia!!!

me too!
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one. I have a fear of dirt, objects, and especially gum on the ground.Once I got a panic attack because of it. I pretty much left my school for another because of it, and I'm always looking at the ground. I hate the black spots and sometimes I start limping if I think I stepped on/in something.It is better in the summer for me, but the worst during the winter. My life is startingto revolve around it.

I thought I was crazy by myself
by: Anonymous

OMG! I have the same fear. It's so bad for me that I literally remember every spot where there's dog poo or something gross on the ground and I will avoid that area forever. Or I can look at ground and tell if its gross or has the potential to have dog poo on it even before I walk on/in that area. I'll walk in the street and feel safer. I never walk with my head up. At times, I'll stop to check the bottom of my shoes repeatedly fearing that I may have stepped in/on something gross. It's worse when it rains or snows, there are times when I cant walk my dog from thinking about filthy grounds. I also refuse to walk in grass. I sweep my floor excessively because it freaks me out to see black specks on my floor. I sometimes make people take off their shoes or look at the bottom of their shoes to make sure there's nothing there to track in my home. These issues send me into panic mode, seriously uncomfortable. Its getting progressively worse over years.

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