i have a phobia of cracked computer screens

by adaeze
(new york)

well i am scared of cracked computer screens because of the black blotch it makes. When i look at them i shiver and sweat and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. It also makes lines come over my computer screen and it just bothers me. the first time i realized i had this phobia was when i was playing a paint game and a giant splotch came because the computer froze, it looked like a cracked screen splotch. it made me shiver and i just turned off the computer. Then i cracked my laptop screen and it made me feel so uncomfortable i got chills i had to throw it away i couldn't even look at it. i did not bother to realize i could fix it cause i was so disturbed. i just cant look at them even writing this is making me think of it and i just feel scared and vulnerable. i wish i knew why i'm like this

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