I have a large fear of fish and sea creatures

by Jme
(Ohio, US)

When I was younger and Sea World was still having their "pet and feed the dolphins" experience, my class took a field trip.

When we got to Sea World my mother quickly took me to feed the dolphins. I got a small cup with some dead little fish in it. I then reached my hand over the edge and waited just a moment for a hungry dolphin to take the fish so I could pet it.

Little did I know, dolphins have teeth, small, and not very sharp, but they were there. So when a dolphin decided to reach up and grab my fish he or she also grabbed my hand.

The dolphin didn't even puncture my skin, but it has scared me greatly. Now I have a large fear of fish and sea creatures. I can deal with little fish, but once they get past about 3-4 inches they terrify me!

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