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by: Mariel

i also have this fear of sea creatures. they just scare me by the way they look and stuff. but my biggest fear is octopuses. they scare me very much. idk how to get over the fear. but whenever i se the clear blue ocean i just get horrified!

by: Alexsis

I'm also terrified of large sea creatures.
Not really the 3-4 inch type. But I have problems with aquariums or feeling like I'm in the ocean.When I was younger, I saw the movie 'Castaway' and ever since that whale scene with tom Hanks and the humpback at night, I'm DEATHLY afraid of whales. Not Orcas but humpbacks and others.

I can't wash my face in the shower if the water is too cold because I'm actually able to convince myself that I'm in an ocean with a whale.

But the weird part is, I'm fascinated by whales. I have to know about them and look at pictures of them even though on occasion, that has brought me to tears

I can relate.
by: Helena

I pretty much hate the ocean in general. I like dolphins and other small whales, though.

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