I have a horrible fear of june beetles

by Bianca T.

Ever since I was little, I have had a TERRIBLE fear of june beetles. It started when my family (mom, dad, sister and I) would go visit my grandma later at night. She has pine trees surrounding her house and beetles live in them. FYI= Beetles come out at night and are attracted to light.

Anyways, we would go see my grandma and my dad would tourment me over and over every time we visited her and tell me to run inside before the beetles got me and went into my hair and ears.

Well it just so happened that one night I dident run fast enough and a beetle happened to fly into my ear and buzz and I couldent get it out. Everyone laughed at me and thats when I believe I developed my phobia of them.

Also, when I used to stay over at my grandmas, I would visit my friend Rachel and come home at dark. I would start running all they way home because there are pine trees and poarch lights on all through my grandmas complex.

Since ive grown, I now avoid pine trees, I run from them at night time and I avoid poarch lights. When I enter my house, I run inside past the poarch lights and I completely avoid pinetrees, for example:

If I am walking down the street at night and I see a pine tree ahead of me, I will cross onto the other side of the street. I cant stand the word being said, I cant stand the sound they make,

I can barely say the word, I cant look at pictures and I can barely type it. I have tried therapy for it and it still wont go away =[

I still dont know what the phobia is called or if it has a name....I would really like to know....if anyone knows it or could find it for me or even has this phobia, please email me at bt182008 at yahoo.com

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