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me too ...
by: heathermay

I have this fear too.. I've had a bunch of things happen with big beetles. Im 21 yrs old and I will start freaking out and crying if I see them. I work night shift in a shop where we always keep the doors open and I've seen them inside. I usually go find someone and ask them to kill it but afterwards I can't stop thinking about it and I can't sleep! Its pretty embarrassing to be afraid of something so small :/

by: Xelix

I just had my own terrifying encounter. I was walking home from a school event. I've always been creeped out by all insects, big or small. The only ones I don't mind are the ones that mind their own busines. Well, I got home and my family had left the porch light on. Which was thoughtful of them, except for one thing, there were june beetles everywhere. I at first tried to see if there was a way to get into the house without one touching me. Then one started flying and I jumped backwards, falling off the porch steps. I stood at a distance, uncomfortable even though I was two metres away from any of the insects. I could hear them in the trees around me and they were all massing on the door. I tried five more times to get in to the house, but eventually gave up since I wouldn't allow myself to get any closer than one metre to the beetles. So I resigned my self to shake and cry on the sidewalk away from the trees until I decided to try the back door. Not an insect in sight. I was so relieved, but I was still shaken up two hours after.

You're not alone!
by: Kelly

Ugh! It's June bug season and I'm also terribly afraid of them. I was looking for the term of the phobia but couldn't find it either, instead I found your post.

I also go out of my way to avoid them and stay away from lights at night D:

My fear started when I was really young. I had extremely long hair and one of the bugs flew into my hair at the back of my neck and I couldn't get it out cause it grasped on and they're sticky ;~;
The sound terrified me and it died in my hair. Ever since I just freak out every time I see one.

I also have the problem of the the pine trees, there are two right outside my front door (the only way out of the house!) D:

Good luck this June :/ !

Fear of beetles.
by: Yuhui:D!

If I'm not wrong, it should be Entomophobia

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