I have a germ phobia

by James

I have a germ phobia, and a phobia of getting a disease (goes along with my huge number of OCD compulsions).

My brother has an std and I won't touch him or anything that I know he's touched. If I end up touching something he does, I end up washing the object as well as my hands. It's annoying because I want to be able to connect with my brother and be able to give him a pat on the back or a hug sometimes, but I can't.

I'm constantly freaking out that someone will forget me if I go more than a few days without talking to them.

I also have a math phobia. Whenever I'm in public paying for something, I always overpay in bills so that I don't have to count. whenever I deal with numbers my heart rate goes up and I get extremely uncomfortable.

The list goes on...

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