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Same fear for me to.
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same problems as all of you. Just the thought of wrists makes me sick and I go all weird. People always try to show me their wrists and I feel like a complete dick when I hide my face and block my ears, and then after that I will rub my hands up my thighs. I don't know why I do that.

Its good to know that other people have the same problem. Thanks from New Zealand.

by: Breezi

omg i wanna meet u!! i do the exact same things all of my friends make fun of me for it haha wow i thought it was just me!!

me toooo
by: Rebekah

Hiya, i have the same problem too! All of my mates take the mick, i cant touch my wrists or even look at them. I used to sleep with my hands above my head on the pillow with veiny side exposed but ever since i have got this fear i cant!! because i feel like someone is going to come in the darkness and cut them or bite them or something. Its really weird, when i see people leanin there head on the hand with there wrist exposed it just creeps me out completely!!! uhhhh wrists

i have fear of wrists too
by: Emma

All my friends take the piss out of me in school cause i hate the thought of them. i can't touch my own wrist, have anyone else touch them, look at them or even say the word without getting the chills.
People in school always show their wrists to me aswell, it really does my head in.
I dont even know why ive got this fear.
It doesn't really hold me back, apart from in PE when we have to check our pulses or going to the doctors where they check it there too, i cringe so bad its ridiculous LOL

by: Anonymous

Rather than a fear of wrists it's a fear of something happening to them (seeing as that particular area contains vital veins.)

by: Rachel

chyeahhh maytee.
i have exactly the same phobia.
its really horrible.
people take the piss, and show there wrists to me, and it goes through me.
i always get visions in my head.
like. really awful stuff.
like, id suddenly get a picture in my head of someone bending there wrist back so far, it snaps, and theres veins everywhere and blood.
its just really bad, and it makes me feel really sick.
i cant stand the thought of someone , or myself looking , or touching my/there wrists.
i really wish i could get over all this shit.
but yeah, it might not happen.
but heyy.
im happy i found this. so now i know that im not the only one!
heres my email; rachel-collier at
cheers xxx

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