I have a fear of touching all my bones, and thinking about my organs/insides

by M
(Canada )

I know it's sounds really strange, it seems a lot of the times people have a problem with 1 in particular bone. But the thought of my Bones and my organs makes me freak out. I'm freacking out writing this.

I can't touch any of my bones, and anytime I get a little pain in my upper body I freak out, thinking it's an organ.
This is embarrassing, but I also have a hard time masturbating, because it freaks me out. It's ok when I'm with a guy. But my insides just freak me out.

I don't know how else to explain it. I do think about it alot through the day and obsess I guess you could call it. But sometimes I don't at all. It's when something comes up to my attention that makes me kinda freak out and start the whole process, then I obsess for a few days and go back to normal.

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