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by: Anonymous

Hi,, I too have your fears. I live in georgia and tornadoes are very unlikey but its happened before. I have no idea why I'm afraid it's just been as long as I can remember. I'm only about to be 13 though,, haha,, But when I was younger,, well actually up until about a year ago I have been terrified of thunderstorms,, because of tornadoes. Iv'e never accutally been in one but I could'nt imagine having to go through it all,, its not that I think I'll get hurt its just the seeing the black sky and hearing the screaching wind,, I used to be on constantly and if there was even a chance of thunderstorms I wouldnt want to go to school,, I dread the summer months ecspecialy march,, georgias tornado month,, I would pace back and forth over and over and stair out the windows and watch the weather and cry and cry and cry if there was a tornado watch,, and it drove me nuts every single day,, but now theres actually a tornado watch and im not really scarwed i have over came most of my fears but if those sirens go off I think I'll have a breakdown,, I don't know of anything to suggest to distract you because when I was scared Nothing could distract me,, but I just wanted you to know other people share your fears and I know what its like,,
Thanks If you read all this,,
<3,, Me, myself, and I (:
I hope you can one day come over your fears(: I'll Prey for you(:

scared of storms
by: Mary

I am glad there is somebody like me. I am terrified of storms and I feel like crying everytime there is a storm. It has taken over my life. I can't sleep, eat, work or enjoy life at all. I hate my life during the spring and summer. I will not go anywhere other than work. People laugh at me. My husband is so upset because I have such anxiety and don't enjoy anything. What do I do? I pray and pray and promise myself & God I will change the next time a storm comes but it happens all over again. Help!

by: Anonymous

I feel the same way, I went through a tornado in 97, since then I am terrified of them, I watch the weather continually, computer, tv, radio, you name it, I have to know what is going on all the time, I really dont want to travel if it is even suppose to rain.. I have tried medication, therapy, well everything, and nothing has worked, at this point I dont know what will.


Same fear
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear of tornadoes, I spent the night in my bathtub one night because we had a really severe thunderstorm. I'm okay with thunderstorms, but when they seem like they are getting bad I tune into the news so I can see what's going on and I cry and tremble uncontrollably. So far the only thing that makes me feel better during a storm is talking to my dad, but I recently moved out on my own and the fear is stronger than ever now. I have no idea what to do...

by: Anonymous

I'm the same exact way. I will google national weather service every three minutes even if there are not any warnings or watches near me and if there is I'm constantley on national weather service. I freak out if the sirens sound. I don't know what to do though?? Anything that has helped you please let me know. My name is Heather ans my email is : Ilovejackblack85 at . Thank you

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